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The Statue of Liberty

on Ellis Island

Helena Steurer

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty -invented by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi

-28 October 1886 inaugurated

-was a present of the French for the 100th
birthday of the USA

-made of copper and created patina The Facts The Crown The Symbols -The Facts
-The symbols
-The sources Structure -seven tips of the crown stand for the seven oceans of the world
-the 25 windows below the crown mean the jewels in the world Symbols The Panel Symbols The broken manacles sign for stopping the slavery on it stands the date of
the American independence declaration The Facts -the fist thing that the immigrants saw

-stands on Liberty Island

-till 1984 World Heritage Sight by UNESCO

-is one of the highest statues in the world (92.99 meters)

-depicts the figure of Liberta clad in robes (Liberta is the roman goddess of freedom) My Sources http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freiheitsstatue


Google-Bilder "The statue of Liberty" the green color The Symbols The Torch Sign for education The Facts -the French were to finance the statue

-the Americans provide the pedestal and the construction site

-Bartholdi completed the head and arm with the torch before the final appearance of the statue was clear

-financing on the American side was difficult and in 1885 the works were threatened at the base due to lack of recruitment

- Joseph Pulitzer (publisher of the newspaper New York World) organized a campaign to complete the project

- The statue was manufactured in France broken down into component parts shipped to New York and then assembled on Bedloe's Island called Iceland Facts Reparations -1938 was the first time for renovations (closed to the public)

-1980s it was worn to such an extent that a major restoration was necessary

-1984 to 1986 the torch and a large part of the internal structure were replaced

-After the attacks of 11 September the monument was closed for safety reasons in turn: the base was reopened in 2004, the statue itself from 2009 ENDING :)
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