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Problems Arise in District 13

Scenario 3

Stephanie Ontiveros

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Problems Arise in District 13

Problems Arise in District 13 Stephanie Ontiveros Jack and his family live in District 13, a low-income community that is considered high risk for teen pregnancy and high school dropouts. Jack recently dropped out during his senior year to support his girlfriend who has discovered she is two months pregnant, and considering getting an abortion. Jack and his family, live in a low income district that consists of 90 percent Hispanic families. This community is considered high-risk for teen pregnancies and high school dropouts. Jack is one of these high school dropouts and his girlfriend has recently discovered she is pregnant. The families of District 13 have been sent a letter from a sociology professor. Jack's parents and others speak out toward the professor's intentions. Physical A professor, along with his grad students, from the University of Washington has sent out letters to these families in an effort to try lowering these rates. An arrangement is made to meet at a local middle school. Jack's father realizes these men are not there to help these families but rather to observe and victimize them. Tensions run high, a proper way of addressing the issues is contemplated. The issues between both parties are resolved as things have been taken into a proper manner. The professor and his graduates begin handing out questionnaires to the families that need to be completed in order to continue participating. Jack's father becomes upset with a question pertaining to the choices of race and their income. Others question what the professor's actual intentions may be. Emotional Circumstantial Ideas are being brought to attention of which action could be taken place to inform the students about teen pregnancy and drop out rates. The professor hands out flyers with the rates in District 13. Jack's father speaks out against the professor, claiming what he is advising is not going to help lower the rates. They come to the agreement of an after school program with classes for further information. Choosing Jack and his girlfriend to be examples for the program to help lower these rates by hearing from those who've dealt with them.
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