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street dogs and cats

No description


on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of street dogs and cats

street dogs and cats
world issue : street dogs and cats
What causes this world issue ?
people that leave there cats and dogs homeless.
why is that an issue ?
because cats and dogs in the street are dieing because they don't have food or water.
solution: an app
what is your solution,and how does it work ?
My solution is to do a app that finds street dogs and cats,when this app finds a street dog or cat your phone well do a sound and you go into the app and call a animal care.

how this solve / help this world issue ?
Because many people can save dogs and cats live for calling.and maybe one day there's no street dogs and cats.
how does it use technology ?
this app use lots of technology because you can find lots of street dog and cats.
train cats and dogs
many people can train street cats and dogs to be policemen and firefighter.
and they will have a place to live.
everyone can have cats and dogs.
when cats and dogs are on the street they well be more sweat.
Thanks for watching
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