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No description

Wayne Specie

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Analogies

Analogies KNIFE : CUT :: shovel : _______ FIND : LOCATE :: lose : misplace Analogy Construction: FIND [is related to] LOCATE
LOSE [is related to] MISPLACE Colon stands for the phrase
“is related to” Or simply—FIND is to LOCATE as lose is to misplace. Double colon (::) stands for
“in the same way that” Understanding
Word Patterns What’s the relationship? Analogies develop
logic. Analyze two words and identify the relationship between them. Find another pair of words that has the same relationship. Types of Analogies: What’s the relationship? DRY : ARID :: lost : mislaid Both words have similar meanings so this relationship is a synonym. What’s the relationship? KIND : CRUEL :: happy : ____ Both words have opposite meanings, so their relationship is an antonym. CHAPTER : BOOK :: fender : automobile What’s the relationship? CHAPTER : BOOK :: fender : __________ A chapter is a part of a book just as a fender is a part of an automobile. Part and Whole What happens if you switch book and chapter in this analogy? BOOK : CHAPTER :: fender : automobile Invalid analogy What’s the relationship? POEM : STANZA :: play : ____ It’s still Part and Whole, but this time the whole comes first. We could call it Whole and Part. What’s the relationship? POLKA : _dance_:: frog : ___________
BIRD : _Cardinal :: house : ________ A polka may be classified as a dance; a cardinal is classified as a bird. Classification sad automobile acts dance amphibian cardinal igloo What’s the relationship? GIFT : _joy_____ :: rain : ___________
TEARS : _Sadness_ :: smiles : ________ joy sadness joy flood A gift can cause joy; tears are an effect of sadness. Cause and effect What’s the relationship? dig The function of a knife is to cut. Function What’s the relationship? FISH : Sea__ :: moose : _______ sea forest A fish can be found in the sea, just as a moose can be found in a forest. Location What’s the relationship? CHUCKLE : _laugh__ :: whimper : _________ laugh cry These words differ in degree. One is more intense than the other. Degree CASHIER : _Money______ :: plumber : _____ cash pipe A cashier works with cash, just as a plumber works with pipes. Performer and a related object What’s the relationship? AUTHOR : ______ :: chef : ______ write cook You expect an author to write, just as you expect a chef to cook. Performer and a related action What’s the relationship? BOIL : _______ :: throw : ______ egg ball You boil an egg, just as you throw a ball (In these items, the object always receives the action.). Action and a related object And that, is
analogies. The End! TA-DA!
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