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what is sustainability

No description

Avni Vaid

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of what is sustainability

What Is Sustainability

Sustainable means keeping rates at the same level
Water pollution
Water pollution is the form of contamination in water bodies, that can leave harmful substances that can leave people sick, along with damaging the sea creatures' lifestyles.
Air pollution
Air pollution is the presence of harmful substances emitted into the air occasionally causing damage to others, animals and crops in the society.
There are three pillars of sustainability, including: Environmental, Economic and Social.

Environmental pollution
Air pollution
Water pollution
Land pollution
Noise pollution
Thermal pollution
Light pollution
How to solve this problem
drive less cars and walk or take the bus
Plant more trees
How can we solve this?
reduce waste
put rubbish in bins
Noise pollution
The noise going to an unreasonable level and starts to irritates others.
How to solve this problem
Be quiet
Be very quiet
Be super quiet
Only talk with texts/emails
Yes that is all child :)))))
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