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My Story in Ghana Live in an AIESEC way

My Story in Ghana, Live in an AIESEC way.

Hansen Guan

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of My Story in Ghana Live in an AIESEC way

Beijing Accra, Ghana Dubai Today, I'm Going to tell a Story about myself. But Actually I prefer to call it a kind of experience It is My Life in AFRICA 2011/7/7 07:30 GMT+8 2011/7/7 12:00 GMT+4 2011/7/8
12:00 GMT+0 Why do I come to Ghana? Coz I want to have a different experience in my College Life That sounds cool!
How Could u come to Ghana? I Come here to attend a voluntary program named "Plight of the Child International" running by the AIESEC, the largest Students' NGO in the world 12000 km Volunteer in Me and my Students Basic Information
about this Country 24 965 816 PoPulation,2011 238535 Area Total Key Facts Ghana was the first place in sub-Saharan Africa where Europeans arrived to trade - first in gold, later in slaves.

The meaning of the colors in the Ghanaian Flag and the Ghanaian Logo Full name: Republic of Ghana and was formerly known as the Gold coast

Capital: Accra

The Republic of Ghana lies on the West Coast of Africa, bounded on the West by Cote d’Ivoire, on the East by the Republic of Togo, on the North Burkina Faso, with the Atlantic Ocean washing its Southern shores in the Gulf of Guinea. Life expectancy: 64years (men), 66 years (women) (UN) Major languages: English, African languages including Akan, Ewe

Major religions: Christianity, indigenous beliefs, Islam Monetary unit: Cedi

Main exports: Gold, cocoa, timber, tuna, bauxite, aluminium, manganese ore, diamonds Life in Ghana ` 180 km=10 hours' drive 35kg 17kg 28kg School
Life School Activities And
Our Day Trip Leaving... 2011/8/12 New Life Begin!!! Thank you for your listenning. Any Questions Please? ^_^ Everything is Weird but interesting...
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