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No description

Sheryl Long

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of 1412!?

Thank You for your
undivided attention Introduction Galileo Galilei Brief history Principle of Pressure The L.I.P.A.D. The Barometer Blaise Pascal Mechanism Design When there is no one sitting... When there is someone sitting... the light will be switched on the light will be switched off Campaign Plan Primary Phase Hans W. Keller Silicon pressure sensor The Problem Automating menial tasks The Impacts Tissue Papers,
Tissue Papers Everywhere! Increasing safety levels Pressure sensors in factory machinery Ultrasound waves+Lights Case Study in Car Parks Why and how it affects us? We are going to use: Posters Stickers at key points of hawker centres SAVES Time on every table Fuel Need of the community Secondary Phase Case Study PCK public transit rap "Love Your Ride" By
Dim sum dollies Overview We get: From SGTrains and SkyscraperCity Forums... Collaborate with Singapore Kindness Movement Scout for a local icon(s) to produce a series of jingles play on television and
on radio stations Pressure sensor in supermarket floor mats Pilot Test 21 June End July 8 August Survey Results Project Plan Post-mortem Quote from Surveys Key Problem Patrons fear that their seat will be taken by others when they leave momentarily Evaluated Article "Ad Reignites Debate on Using Tissue Packets to Reserve Seats in S'pore"
By Heather Marie Lee, Kon Xin Hua & Yuen Sin Key Idea Drawn Patrons use tissue packets to signify that every seat is taken, not one packet per reserve seat.
Full table reservation System Build in an additional system, which allows patrons to be able to indicate that the whole table is taken
Eg. An in-built slider or flipper switch. Limitation Proposed Solution Patrons may abuse the systems Broaden campaign scope Key Problem Patrons may find it difficult to see the green light from where they are standing. Improvement 2 :
Digital Floor Plans Put up digital boards in hawker centers that contain floor plan of the immediate area. In addition... Solo diners that just bought their food may find it difficult to find a seat Key Problem Seat will be indicated as occupied when patrons place their bags on them. Improvement 3 :
Addition of Hangers Conclusion Final Product Future Studies
& Plan How we have met our objectives Collaboration with Singapore Power
Collaboration with Singapore Kindness Movement 88% of respondents felt that it was useful!
88% support the idea! Not Latched Latched Chosen Invention The Pressure Sensor Overall Manageability & Feasibility In Pilot Test... Cost of making L.I.P.A.D. is relatively cheap But on a large scale... more costly
require higher engineering expertise
eg. Main control system Possible Organisations
Manpower and funding shortage. Further research into safety of design. eg. heating effect of the circuit
Improving seat design such that it consumes less electricity "you could include way for us to make sure the seat remains pushed down..." "..if I were to momentarily leave my seat then how am I certain that my seat won't be occupied when I get back." Placed at each end of the aisle Specific floor plans for every aisle Electronic directional board to indicate seats in each direction. Materials easily obtained from local stores. Although invention was slightly complicated, can be solved through extensive research and expert advice. Need of the community is met.
It is worth the time and money as the public will be more satisfied.
Also, creates a more appropriate way of reserving seats. If an organisation is willing to support us and has the technological expertise, then implementing the invention would be less of a problem TJ 066 presents... Key Problem High energy consumption Proposed Solution Only switch on the system during the peak hours In addition, we could also install solar panels to help reduce the utility costs. Main objective :
To help solve the problem that hawker centre patrons face in finding seats. Sheryl Aaron Kaiser Ria Nicholas To find out :
1. the feasibility of the L.I.P.A.D.
2. how would patrons welcome our idea 82% of the respondents have difficulty in finding seats at hawker centres
Shows that there is indeed a problem faced by patrons Average waiting time is about 8 minutes
42% have to wait for about 10 minutes or more more than half of respondents feel frustrated 88% of respondents found the L.I.P.A.D. useful in helping them find seats more easily. 88% of respondents are willing to support us
Shows that patrons would like to have it built in a hawker centre. Project "Weight! There's A seat here!" Target Audience: Reason: Hawker centre patrons From survey, 82% of respondents had difficulty finding seats Difficult to find seats and wastes both time and energy The problem has not yet been addressed or solved Adapting pressure sensor Difficulty in finding seats Carpark
system + + Mechanism Discourage selfishness Reserving more seats than needed Improvement 1:
Reservation System However... Jingles were attention grabbing
and successful Putting the L.I.P.A.D. together The survey We conducted a survey: using pen and paper one-to-one Bedok hawker centre sample size of 50 In addition... Difficult to prepare and implement Hooks can be incorporated with the tables as shown: L.I.P.A.D. + Light Indicated and Pressure-Activated Device This suggests patrons need a full table reservation system.
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