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Colette Neufeld

No description

Tiffany Delhagen

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Colette Neufeld

Statement of Need
One in three middle-schoolers who eat school lunch are obese or overweight. This is because fresh healthy food isn't being served. But why isn't being served?
The cafeterias are so severely understaffed in the USA, there are not enough hands in the kitchen to make lunch from scratch for hundreds, sometimes thousands of kids.
The government does not provide enough,if any, fresh food .
What is the grant for?
Implementing cooking training of students in the Westinghouse Building, specifically for cafeteria. If student can prove they have enough skill to do prep, they do not have to do the training
Supplementing any excess cost of the produce from the Produce Farm that students do not earn from volunteer work.
Why do we need this grant?
The cooks in our cafeteria don't have as much help as they need, as is the case in cafeterias all over America.
Students not only need to know more about cooking,farming and skills in general, but also need to be educated about health. These two volunteering options were be the perfect way to do so
The cafeteria, and our bodies need fresh food the government just isn't providing.
Goals and Objectives
We aim to make school lunches healthier and more nutritious by using fresh ingredients, and making meals from scratch as often as possible
We want to help students learn more about not just cooking or farming, but health in general. These experiences will help them be part of the process, and offer them a new perspective
We want to help the cooks in the cafeteria be less overwhelmed, and give them the time to cook from scratch and leave the prep work to another person
We want to support Urban Farms, as they demonstrate and represent a great healthy alternative.
Project Agenda
We would talk to the Westinghouse Building cooks to find out what parts prepping, cooking, and serving a home made meal is the most time consuming
We would put out a call for student volunteers, those who answered for cooking would be trained in doing what the cooks said was the most time consuming
The volunteers who answered for urban farming would be taken to the Added Value Urban Farm once a week to work, and collect produce
After three mounths we would evaluate the shift in the school lunch and student's health.
Our project will be a success when..
The students know a significant amount of information about how their school lunch is made and where it comes from
School lunch is made from scratch, with minimal stress, and as healthy as possible
We can measure this by surveying the cooks, students, and student volunteers on their school lunch,and what they think about it.
The Road to Healthy School Lunches
The Westinghouse cafeteria is severely understaffed, going from 20 cooks to only 6.This grant hopes to provide training for students of the school to volunteer in the kitchen, providing much needed help as well as educating students in health.
As for the lack of fresh food, students could either volunteer in the cafeteria or volunteer in a urban farm where they would work in exchange for ingredients for the cafeteria.
Stats and Facts
Only 6% of school lunch programs meet requirements set by the U.S Department of Agriculture (WebMD)
" Cafeteria workers were transferred out of high school to bolster elementary staff, skeleton crews in highschools could not serve a full menu.. made student participation impossible. Federal funding to the school lucnh program was cut as a result
A Grant Proposal by HUSK
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