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The Narrabeen Man

No description

Bhakti Jani

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of The Narrabeen Man

The Narrabeen Man
Who is the Narrabeen Man?
The Narrabeen Man is the name given to the skeleton of man found near the corners of Octavia Street and Ocean Street, Narrabeen, NSW. He was found when contractors were digging a trench to install cables.
Who killed the Narrabeen Man?
After a forensic investigation was performed on the body, Archaeologists revealed that the body was dated to 4000 years ago. It was soon also revealed that the body's posture did not match up to the posture a body is supposed to be put in for a tribal ceremonial burial. So it was clear that it was a murder.
Why was the Narrabeen Man killed?
The reason for the Narrabeen Man's murder is still to be found, but a Narrabeen cultural heritage officer, Allen Madden, suggested that a murder of this type showed that whatever he did, must have been serious.
Thanks for listening!
How was the Narrabeen Man killed?
The Narrabeen man probably died a very painful death since there were 5 sharp bone points lodged into his spine and he had suffered a serious head injury.
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