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Requirement 1 Cooking Merit badge

No description

Ethan Terry

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Requirement 1 Cooking Merit badge

Requirement 1 Cooking Merit badge
- requires antibiotic treatment if prologned
- Is the leading cause of diarrhea
E. coli (Escherichia coli) enteritis
- contracted when you drink a liquid with enterotoxin.
Staphylococcal enteritis
- is the most common subcategory of salmonella in the world with 42,000 new findings every year, not many fatal
Salmonella enteritis
- Meat, poultry, and fish should be kept at 44 F in a constant rate
Food Storage
Cooking injuries/Burns and scalds
Another is spilling boiling water on your hands. Immediately apply water at about 48 Farentheit for aprrox. 5 min
- May require Asprin
- vegetables should just be kept chilled, not to much because that would dull the flavor
- it can be found in a normal looking egg
- prevent by washing hands after/before eating/ store food correctly
- causes nausea and explosive vomiting within 8 hours of contraction
- to prevent wash hands before every meal and check food for anyhting suspicous
- There is no official cure, only antibiotics to weaken and inproved sanitation
- wash hands, check water for fecal matter
- contracted when consumed poultry/mear with botulinum toxin
causes paralytic decomposure
- over 145 cases found in the U.S. each year
- wash hands and check food
- the only cure is an anti-toxin that costs 45,000$
- causes inflamation to the liver
- contaminated food is the cause
- wash hands to prevent
- causes fever, nausea, diarreha, and dark brown urine (due to bile)
- treatment is just continue to have good hygiene an dietary supplements.
- first degree burns just soak in cool water
- second degree burns apply a burn gel
- third degree burns seek immediate attention of a physician/ go to the hospital
- must be stored seperatlely in a container kept at the correct temperature
of the nerves
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