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building in the sky


agnieszka m

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of building in the sky

island in the sky building
with pillars maybe add some mechanic details to make it "cyber" maybe cyber? inspirations main idea (museum
of surgery) island sky add clouds
the island what i need MONTAGE picture of 1st island
that I've chosen but that one is ok!
that's the final island
which is going to
be used
in my project add a waterfall and some foam change the sky and apply water
placing island adding some clouds around a little bit darker? adding
waterfall other island's
shape better :) changing water color,
was too blue placing my
building adjusting
the building cropping a bit good place for the waterfall adding foam under waterfall AGNIESZKA MASTEK maybe red? RESULTS adding some
clouds around MY FINAL PICTURE My main idea is to
create an island floating
over the water. Add a buidling
and some clouds and fog around.
I want it to be mysterious and the montage
(people and trees removed) ...but I didn't like it and reflection need to
match midtones and add some birds... ...and here it is cutting out
the building little bit bandy,
need to use "skew"
transform option also need to
reduce to strong
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