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If I Just Had Two Wings

No description

Teresa Nguyen

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of If I Just Had Two Wings

If I Just Had Two Wings
I chose these quotes from the book because they were the ones that represented the book the most to what had happened in the book. The quote,
"I dream that one day, we will be free."
Represents the whole main idea of the book. The idea of Phoebe dreaming about freedom and finally achieving it. The quote
"Never let yourself be seen, one little thing can give you away."
represents all the obstacles that Liney, Phoebe, Jake, Bethy and Sarah had to go through to achieve freedom. They had to lie low and trust no one. Most importantly they had to remain invisible. The last quote represents their overall freedom. All the images have to do with slavery and race equality.

3 Topics-Racism, Abuse, Slavery
The 2 other quotes I chose were in relation to abuse, and racism since the ones from the book were in relation to slavery or freedom. The quote "Our only true nationality is mankind." states that God created us all in the same way. Our appearances and the way we act may differ from each other, but we all have minds of our own. The quote "Suffering teaches joy." Is in relation to the topic of abuse. it states that those who have suffered the most, have learned to embrace the joy in their lives more. Those who have suffered are the strongest. The images i chose had to do with race equality, and abuse.
Personal Views
Overall, I thought this book was okay. Historical fiction is not something I take interest in. I found that the concept of family moved the book along well since Phoebe had wanted to see her sister just once again. The theme of racism in this book, is well shown. After reading, this book had given me a different perspective on how racism works. Phoebe and Liney had played a huge role in moving the storyline along since they were the main characters. They faced the most amount of obstacles but still eventually made it to freedom.

"I dream, that one day we will be free"
"Suffering teaches joy"
"Our only true nationality is mankind."
"Never let yourself be seen, one little thing can give you away."
"Once you're over the boarder, youre free. Never be a slave again"


social justice

In Comparison To The Book
In the book, Phoebe, Liney, Jake, along with Liney's children Bethy and Sarah had faced many obstacles or "bumps" along the way to freedom (Canada). They had many people aid them on their journey like Eda and Amos, but they also had many other people, like slave catchers, who were out to get them. Another obstacle they encountered, was when Phoebe and Bethy caught lung fever. They had to be "like ghosts" and tried not to be seen since any little mistake they made could have ruined their journey to freedom entirely.
I think this book is very comparable to one of the other books about slavery we read. It was called 'Nightboat to Freedom'. They are both about slavery, and a journey to freedom. I find these books similar but also different in their own way.
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