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8th Grade Rising Student, Parent Info Night

8th to 9th grade/IGCSE

Tim Winterfeld

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of 8th Grade Rising Student, Parent Info Night

Eighth Grade
Rising Student
Parent Info Night


Steps in 8th grade 9th grade
transition to High School

What are the biggest adjustments to High School?

What can you be doing as a parent?

You will go home with many ideas to ponder.
Also, get the Info Parent Packet
and a White card for questions.

This is a Prezi Presentation.
Steps taken to help 8th graders & Year 9 students transition well
February, 9th graders visited Advisor/Advisee (AA) classes to talk about their first semester of HS and answer questions. "Chat"

Early March, Mrs. Winterfeld meets with all AA classes and talks about H.S.

March14th Parent session with Libby Stephens to talk about transitions.

February 28th, 7 pm H. S. Principal, Head of Departments, and program coordinators will explain H. S. curriculum.

Mrs. Winterfeld will meet with students in groups and individually to plan their course of study for 9th grade, Registration forms are due at the HS March 12th

Registration forms to be complete must have parent, teacher, and student signatures.

June, Mrs. Winterfeld will attend the 8th grade retreat
and she will also attend the 8th grade promotion/dance.

August, Orientation for all 9th grade students, schedules will be issued, parents will be included.


How much academic "pressure" do you want them to have?

Monitor Computer Usage

No or low involvement versus too many activities?

Curfew - Study times assigned, lights out, plenty of rest.

Be supportive and understanding about maturity and the many changes throughout H.S.
Know your child ....
You are the Expert
Edline, Keep e-mail option on.
Know when student progress reports and report cards should arrive.
Attend parent conferences and parent coffees
Keep in touch with your childs teachers / counselors.
Read and mark your calendars for events.
Check your e-mail and edline regularly.
Keep Informed
Schedule = 8 periods, 7 classes with 1 study hall.

Increased Responsibilty

Peer Pressure

Increased Opportunities:
sports, clubs, events, friends
What are the Biggest Adjustments to H.S.?
Know your child .... You are the Expert

Keep Informed

What to do if your child is struggling?
What Can You be Doing as a Parent to Support your Child in H.S.?
Many opportunities exist for extra help
What to do if your child is struggling Academically?
NHS tutoring (activity period / after school)
Thursdays after school (3-4 p.m.) Help Session all Teachers available
Academic Lab (after school 3-4:30 p.m. and during study hall)
Check Edline and the counseling office to find available student and adult tutors for hire, fee based.
Weekly grade monitoring is an option
School psychologist available for assessments
(requires counseling office referral)

Students can:
Talk to his/her counselor
Talk to the school psychologist
Talk to teachers / discipleship leaders
Even more opportunities for extra help
Bev Winterfeld
9th-10th Grade HS Counselor
Kevin Baker
HS Principal
Jeff Marquis
HS Assistant Principal

February 21, 2012
Cross Country Runners
P. Gillett photo
Pep Assembly
P. Gillett photo
SFS Accredited by WASC
(Western Association of
Colleges and Schools)
Authorized IB and IGCSE
100 year history
Why Seoul Foreign High School is
the Best
Academic Rigor
Fine Arts
Holistic Approach
Activities and Clubs
Diverse Faculty and
Student Body
Discovery Week
Character Education
American Curriculum
Leading Edge Technology
Outstanding Faculty
Spectacular Sports
State of the Art Technology and Internet Access
Service Opportunities
Testing Center
Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program
Christian Ministries
World Class
Thank You
Pillars of a SFHS Education
•Activity Period (4 times/week)
Student initiated activities many are school
sponsored – Student Council, NHS, GIN
•After school –
Competitive Athletics, Fine Arts,
Discipleship, Academic Activities
•We participate in Korea with up to 15
different international/American schools.
•We participate internationally with 11 other
international schools (APAC)
We encourage participation and commitment vs. mega-membership.
Athletics Community Service/DW
Academics Activities
Discovery Week
1 week curricular program for entire HS (off regular timetable)
Courses meet educational elements, but don’t often resemble traditional classroom instruction. (experiential learning)
Students choose opportunities based at SFS, Seoul, Korea, or International locales and from varying degrees of expense and educational elements.
This year many overseas and local courses were offered varying in price
and educational elements.
Four Year HS Plan

Enclosed in your parent packet is a worksheet for planning purposes to help you and your child identify when they are taking both required and elective classes in grades 9-12.
Students will be entering their course requests using an on-line registration system.

The procedure will be explained to the students / parents at a later date.

This new on-line registration system will provide a concise and accurate record of requests.
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