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Sociology of

No description

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Sociology of

To LeaRn how to Socialize
To Be Inspired
So they can have equal opportunities
To Learn about sOcial Constructions Such as Gender, Race, and Religion
Sociology of Education
Why do CHildren Have to
Go to SchooL?
Help Children
Realize Their Potential
Learning through Social Interactions with diverse peers
Observational Learning through ModelIng
Learning Prosocial Behaviours from Rewards and ConseqUences
Help Children
Learn tHat They Matter
Foster Their
Creativity and sense of Wonder
Believing in students creates Motivation and Academic Success, so "the Sky's the Limit"
Scaffolding aLLows for Opportunity for Academic Success
Academic Success creates Opportunity for Higher Education And Entry into Careers with potential for advancement
Exposure to "DIfferences" of Societal Norms, Roles, OR Values
To Learn about sex and gender
By: Samra Jamil, Jenna-MArie Fernandes, Nancy Stephenson,
Ashley Pellegrino, & Linda Daunisi

Learning Teamwork, How to Collaborate and Compromise
Ryan's School set a positive example to students by working towards implementing equity, diversity and inclusion of all children at the school including those children who are gender "Atypical"
This promotes an understanding of social differences and models how children should be socialized within schools today in order to prepare them for interactions in society
to recreate the definitions of gender and sexuality and bridge the gaps that exist between these two concepts that have been constructed through the western lens.
students best educational tools are their peers. they are exposed to the perspectives and opinions of others, adopting new views and perceptions on life.
To challenge Norms and be Themselves
Teachers have a role to equip students to cope in this ever changing society creatively and imaginatively, rather than with fear and obstruction
to learn about equity, inclusivity & diversity
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