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No description

Jeremy Hale

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Grammer

Numbers One Through Ten
There were 4 students in the classroom. OR
There were four students in the classroom. Which is correct?
Units of Measurement
2 Meters
18 Kilograms
Can be expressed in a few different ways:
January 27, 2015
27th of January, 2015
2015 01 27
2015 1 27
Numbers with Symbols
Money - $56.89
Pound sign - # 8
Percent - 39%
Time - 3 a.m.
Weight - 89 kg
Highways - Highway 1
Serial numbers - Model 82749201
Numbers Related to Addresses
78 Maple St
Apartment 11A
Room 3013

***If the house number comes before a street which is also a number, insert a hyphen between the house and street number***

17 - 43rd St
Grammar Lesson - Numbers
Jeremy Hale
Other numbers may be expressed in words.
Writing numbers out looks more professional.
In police writing, ages are always expressed in numbers, not words.

19 years old, NOT nineteen years old
7 years old, NOT seven years old
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