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50 Reasons We Love Edna

No description

Karissa Marie

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of 50 Reasons We Love Edna

50 Reasons We Love Edna
Jossy Boyer
"I love my Aunt May May because she is funny, creative, and most of all very loving. "
Vickie Boyer
"She gives me candy and coppee and I love her"
Bryan Boyer
"Because she is Aunt May May"
"No matter what she's always there when I need her"
Cait Burgkwist
"Her personality"
Rideauxnia Jackson
"Because I mean it every time I say 'So long, I'll talk to you later, I love you' when we are on the phone daily."
Marie Fabrizio
"She's one of the most caring, loving people I've ever met. I really do adore Edna."
Tammy Smith
"She always puts others before herself"
Lisa Kleinschmidt
"She is really fucking funny!"
Thomas Grecko
"Shes beautiful and crazy all in one
Ashley "The Coolie"
"I love Edna for the beautiful person she is. She is an encourager with a huge heart. She's loving & giving & shows it in so many ways. She lives her life showing her loved ones how much they mean to her by affection, words of affirmation, cooking for them, listening, making them laugh, & always being there for them. She opens her home to people in need. I can always count on Edna to be there & she will always be my dear & special friend. I love you Edna!"
Shelley Arrington Hornbeck
"Because she ALWAYS makes me laugh!"
Ashley Mulligan
"She treats and loved all of her kids friends like she birthed them herself."
Erin Rothardt
"I love Edna because she tells you exactly how it is with no filter but if she asks you to meet her in the Kroger parking lot don't go that means your in BIG trouble."
Kim Carrey
"I love her because she is a great person. She is a beautiful awesome mother, a fabulous cook and is taking care of me every time I come to America."
Claudia Buchner
"Well other than she is loud, loving, nurturing....she makes really good stuffed shells and 'gravy'!"
Cari Cummings
"I love Edna because she loves us like we are her own!"
Grace Mulligan
"I love you because I chose you as my sister."
Traci Williams Burgkwist
"I love her because she is the most real and honest friend I've ever had!"
Kim Snyder
"She is a fierce mama bear. Will do anything for her cubs."
Kathy Lesko
"Edna's laugh and sense of humor is so great, she always makes me laugh and smile. I always appreciated that about her because no matter how my day went, she would always make it better."
Keyla Soara
"I love Edna because she has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met and has an innate ability to love unconditionally."
Darlene Sardinsky
"I love Aunt Edna because she always gives the best hugs."
Emily Esposito
"She's one of the nicest people I've ever met!"
Steven "Bridgette" Fasulo
"Edna is the most caring and loving non mom we could have."
Kate Fasulo
"She is a straight shooter - always get what you see. Life of the party - always telling a funny story and making people laugh. Kind - would give you the shirt off of her back. Hilarious - crude sense of humor that never gets old"
The Clark & Shaughnessy Family
"We shared a womb and she walked with me when I wouldn't walk with anyone else."
Daniel Burgkwist
"She puts up with all of my crazy ideas of moving away from home or traveling and still is in my life 150% of the time. It doesn't matter where I am, I know for a fact I have my mom with me"
Karissa Van Baulen
"She has a big heart and loves everyone whether she admits it or not. She loves her family it's the most important thing to her and she thinks I am the greatest thing since sliced bread."
Bob Burgkwist
" I love Snoopy because she is the craziest of all my nieces, but most of all, because we both have felt love and hurt by our families and lived a good life because of it."
Fran Brady
"Edna is loving and giving and happy even when she's sad."
Caren "Twatella" Auriemma
"I love mom because she'll always support me 100% in anything I do"
Andra Van Baulen
"When we see or talk to each other for the first time in a while, it’s as if we were never apart."
Donna Driscoll
"I love Snoopy because she loves my key chains and pot holders!"
Johnny Parkhill
"I love Snoop bc she is a fierce woman who loves deeply and is intentional in everything!"
Mikki Parkhill
"She always knows what to say at the right time!"
Jessica Mazur-Rawley
"I love Edna because she calls me "pumpkin" and "baby"
Mark Jones
"I love Snoopy because she has a heart of gold, and a smile so beautiful, you're forced to smile back."
Rossana Neglia McLaughlin
"I love Edna because she genuinely cares about the people in her life and asks how they're doing because she actually wants to know"
Josie Ellenburg
"I love her cooking."
Will Ellenburg
"1982. I was a 14 year old freshman, getting off the bus at my new school, Sahuarita High. While I was not new to the area, I was new to this school system & had zero friends to turn to in my time of complete ignorance. I knew no one. No one knew me. Sweet Edna recognized this. She said I looked lost - I told her that I indeed was. Right then & there she took me under her wing. I had just made my first friend. Miss Edna Burgkwist was the first friend I made on my first day of high school. She gave me a brief rundown of where I needed to go. Introduced me to a few people. She even came looking for me after a few of my classes to make sure I was doing ok. That meant the world to me. Then, once we found out that we both share the same love for David Bowie........well, that was it. Friends for life. Or at least that last 33 years. Happily, we have a friendship that lets us always pickup where we left off, no matter how much time has passed. "
Sarah Renshaw Nutt
"My Wife, Edna, “My Babe”, there are so many silly reason why I love her, but the main reasons is she my rock, my support, my soul throughout our years together. Always knowing the right thing to say to comfort, encourage and support my decision good or bad as we venture together through these last 26 year. She has the biggest heart then anyone I know and if she likes you, “lookout”, she would do anything for you. I could only hope she sees how great she is to friends and family."

Guy Van Baulen
"I love Edna because took me in when I was a homeless child."
Emily Fasulo
"I love you. But I love you most for gifting me the knowledge of knowing I am not defined by my circumstances. You have, and always will be, the constant reassuring voice in my head reminding me that "I matter"... and for that I am eternally grateful."
Kelly Flynn
"Edna always rocks ! She is a free spirit with a generous soul and always made me laugh"
Kim Dalia
"The love for her family and others"
Lynn Flynn
"The reason I love Edna is because of her sense of humor, kind heart and her cooking. I love to go to her house every week because she gives good advice, makes me laugh, and gives me my favorite popsicles. She is like my second mom and I love it, and wouldn't want it any different. I love to hear Edna laugh because sometimes she snorts."
Hailey Soroa
"Because she is an amazing human being and always goes out of her way to help everyone"
Mel Flynn
"She is one of the most amazing mothers in my life, may her smile and kind heart go on forever and may she always live and be happy."
Paula Fasulo
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