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The Alkaline Long-Lasting Battery


aasiya deen

on 11 February 2010

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Transcript of The Alkaline Long-Lasting Battery

The Alkaline Battery
Who Invented It? Lewis Urry 1927-2004
Pontypool, Ontario
Biography Lewis Urry graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Toronto. He then worked for the Canadian National Carbon Company in Toronto. This company sold "Eveready" batteries, which only powered a toy car for a few minutes, so they sent Lewis to a laboratory in Parma, Ohio, where he invented the Alkaline battery. This inventor was not the only employee who was working on this project. Some of his other colleagues were assigned the same task, but worked on it individually. Lewis Urry died at the age of 77 in the year of 2004.
How Does It Work?

The idea of a battery was not new. There were batteries at the time, but they needed the batteries needed to last longer. Instead of inproving the old model, Lewis decided to start all over. He used Alkaline as the base, instead of zinc. The Alkaline batteries used manganese dioxide electrodes and zinc powder to power the battery.

While the old model lasted only a few minutes, the Alkaline model lasted much longer. Now the Alkaline batteries last about 40 times longer than the first model and approximately 4 out of 5 batteries in the world are Alkaline. These batteries were renamed "Energizer" in 1980. This invention has changed the lives of many people. Instead of staying at home with there families and listening to the radio, people used batteries to be able to listen to their portable CD players while going for a walk. Now batteries are used by all ages, children and adults, for flashlights or toys. How Has It Improved?
Significance Sources
Should It Be A Finalist For The Greatest Canadian Invention? I think it should be a finialist, because this
invention is used a lot today and it is very
efficient. It lasts very long and many products
today use them.
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