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Upgrading the Kumara Vine

No description

Layla Lyndon-Tonga

on 26 March 2018

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Transcript of Upgrading the Kumara Vine

Upgrading the Kumara Vine
There are many ways to communicate
Just one tool of many
Mobile websites:
Social media has gone mobile, quite literally. All the major social media sites as a standard practice have mobile websites: m.twitter.com, m.facebook.com,m.youtube.com, m.myspace.com, m.flickr.com, m.linkedin.com. How about your nonprofit? Do you have a mobile Website? Have you considered how your current Website looks on a mobile phone? Two organizations that have been early adopters and pioneers in their use of social media are the National Wildlife Federation and the World Wildlife Fund. Now they are leading the way in mobile technology. See www.nwf.mobi and www.wwf.mobi.
Real time reporting thru social media/websites:
This is a dramatic shift in Web communications. Rather than reporting highlights from your Annual Conference or Events using your print newsletter two months after it is over, or in an e-mail newsletter just a few days after the event, smartphones and social media Apps now allow nonprofits to report live from the event in real-time.
More traditional forms of newsletters come in hard copy or digital direct email with newer technologies enabling other digital forms
Text messaging:
There are many new, powerful mobile tools varying in price. Just keep in mind that it takes time to build your mobile list, so you might want consider adding a “Text message” function to your communications strategy to assist delivery of any promotional material or campaigns.
It’s a web-based application which means its all online and you don't need to download or install any software on your computer...BUT - to make sure it works properly in your browser, you should enable cookies, pop-ups, and JavaScript.
You'll find a number of resources available within the site:
-Video tutorials
-Searchable library of functions
-How to instructions
-Trouble shooting articles
When you create an account you also agree to MailChimp's terms of use and compliance with anti-spam regulations. It's important that you remain in compliant with these and if you have questions about CAN-SPAM or other regulations, there’s an article on compliance tips.
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