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Rod puppets

No description

Randy Blades

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Rod puppets

DR 383 Puppetry Rod Puppetry The "rod" in Rod puppet refers to the
control mechanism for the puppet.
For our purposes we will limit rod puppets
to those in which a central rod controls
the head. A more inclusive
definition will
count puppets that
use rods in any way. Those puppets can be operated from
Under the puppet (the "normal" way)
Behind the puppet (Bunraku, to be covered later)
Above the puppet (Sicilian puppet theatre) These illustrations come
from a book by David Currell
"The Complete Book of Puppet Theatre" Simple rod puppet types Parts Nodding heads Bodies Designs Wayang Golek- Indonesian rod puppets: Wayang Golek in action: Modern Thai puppets: A modern Chinese show: Chinese "Opera" Sort of Rod: Animal rod puppets German puppets with neat controls More crazy Germans Lion King Pencil to stage: Peter Pan A few of the following videos give a good insight int developing puppets and rod puppets in various states of completion Pencil to stage:Ruth and the Green Book
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