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Photo Essay: World Wide Famous Web Sites

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Mark Fizzell

on 25 October 2010

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Transcript of Photo Essay: World Wide Famous Web Sites

Photo Essay:
World Wide Famous Web Sites Now...there are thousands of websites in the World Wide Web.But only some became super famous and are used by millions of people around the world! You probably know these sites that im going to show you.
(thats why they are so famous),But Maybye you will learn more about them. These sites are popular now,but in the future will they be popular?
The first site I am going to show you is Facebook (you all should know this one) When you get to the website, this is the Facebook home Page.
You can Sign up or log in on this page. Whicj means you can become a facebook user and enter the world where your face is a book (If you want it to be). Facebook is used by millions of people but why is it so popular? It is Probably very popular because it can act like twitter,msn,youtube gaming websites, and lots of other famous web sites at the same time. You also can display your information on your wall and make friends over the World Wide Web!!(Basically your face is a book). Do you have a Facebook? The second website i will mention is Google, the most popular search web site in the world. Google has many other creations including Google Video, Google Talk,G mail, Google Images and many others. The reason Google is so popular is because it has all these features and can be searched through in many different languages including, Chinese, Greek, Icelandic, Hebrew, Hungarian and Estonian. This Site can be searched through all around the world which gives it a great advantage to become popular!! The last website I am going to talk about is YouTube. This is it's
logo/slogan. Youtube is a website where users can upload/add, share and veiw vedios. This site is open worldwide so people all around the world can upload their videos. It is beleived that more videos are added to this site than any in the world!! They have also been made availible on iphones and other portable divices. This is probably one reason why this site is so popular. When one person tryed it,he told his freinds, who told their freinds, who told their freinds, until it got worldwide! This is usually how all websites advance and become popular. And That is how they became famous,but as i said before....will these sites be popular in the future??? Thank you for listning to my prezi and if you have never encountered these stes before (which I doubt you havent) check them out, become a user and help the website become more popular! : )
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