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New Orleans in the 1940's

No description

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of New Orleans in the 1940's

New Orleans in the 1940's
Southern Aristocracy

New Orleans created a new culture all themselves through music. Musicians such as Lois Armstrong, Louis Prima, and Duke Ellington set the tone for the musical break through

By: Pack a' Trojans
The War
During the 1940's in New Orleans Mardi Gras was celebrated the day before lent. They would hold the Krewe du vieux parade to kick off the celebration.
The culture of New Orleans during 1940's was one which strengthened America's "melting-pot" image. The population of New Orleans during this time period was very diverse as the majority of people were immigrants from Europe or Africa.
New Orleans is know as the birthplace of Jazz but in the 1940s the blues became really popular. New Orleans blues, is a sub-genre of blues music and a variation of Louisiana blues that developed in the 1940s and 1950s in and around the city of New Orleans, rooted by the rich blues roots of the city going back generations earlier. Strongly influenced by jazz and incorporated Caribbean influences, it is dominated by piano and saxophone but has also produced major guitar bluesmen. Major figures in the genre include Professor Longhair and Guitar Slim, who both produced major regional, R&B chart and even mainstream hits.
The onset of WWII spiked a lot of foreign espionage in America. The American Government made it a priority to to deter spies and protect American assets
This diversity is what created a new "cultural Identity." in New Orleans.
Fashion in the 1940’s was very basic and mainly leftovers from the 1930’s. Being that there was a shortage of everything because of the war raging on in Europe and Japan. They were things like a basic button down dress shirt and slacks for men and simple dresses that have been re stitched and tweaked for women. However after World War II was over and all the men returned home, America was in a state of ease. So the more luxurious style of dressing came back on the scene. Men wore more elegant suits and nicer clothing in general and the women wore more elegant dresses and styled their hair more loosely. A favorite of all men in the 1940’s were bowling shirts and Hawaiian flower printed shirts that they had brought back from their trip over seas. One of the most favorite and memorable pieces of clothing for men was the “Zoot Suit”. It was a suit that had an oversized jacket known as an esquire with broad shoulders and baggy pants. Basically everything that was worn
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