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Copy of Food and Wine from around the world

An exporation into the traditional food and wine matches in classic regions/countries all over the globe

Paul Harley

on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Food and Wine from around the world

The World France Burgundy Bordeaux Beaujolais Loire Alsace Foie Gras
Quiche Lorraine
Choucroute Goat's Cheese
Coquilles St Jacques Sausages
Cheese Provence Bouillabaisse
Salade Nicoise Italy Spain Germany USA Argentina Rioja Cured meat
Vegetables Galicia Seafood
Omelette Andalucia Salted nuts
Gazpacho Valencia Paella
Turron Cataluna Rabbit and chicken
Monkfish, salt cod Coq au vin
Snails Lamb
Oysters, eel Piedmont Braised beef
Grilled fish River trout
Polenta Veneto Tuscany Bread, olive oil
Tomatoes, grilled beef Campania Pizza
Fish Sicily Sardines, veal
caponata Sausages meat and more meat Tasting time . Homework Next week we cover modern trends in food.
Please can you prepare a one minute talk on:
Argentina Tex Mex
Japan Vietnam
Korea Spain
N.Africa Caribbean
China* India*

*a group of two can have 2 minutes on these Also print off the most suitable food picture you can find from your allotted country.
Thank you for being my Guinea Pigs!
I hope you don't have a HEADACHE! Sardines, Veal, Caponata
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