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Historical Investigation

Question: Analyze the counter-culture effect of Woodstock on the American music industry in the late 1960's.

Jake Wysocki

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Historical Investigation

Historical Investigation Researched and produced by:
Mike Tuski and Jacob Wysocki Summary of Evidence
Woodstock held a very diversified crowd including many young people who were white, black, rich, poor, and almost anyone you can think of
Set standards for future concerts
New types of music were introduced at Woodstock such as acid rock, rock and roll and many other types of mostly rock music
emphisized how concerts were for endless fun and a mix of music
Many big events are compared to woodstock
many new artists and musicians that came overseas from the british invasion performed at woodstock
Bands who preformed rock now could usually be seen as bands who use drugs because at the time many bands like jefferson airplane promoted drugs Question:
Analyze the counter-culture effect of Woodstock on the American music industry in the late 1960's. Evaluation Of Sources "Acomplishments of Woodstock of 69" was the source we used to get most of the information. It was written by a scholar with book sources and a interview of a man who was attending the festival. We couldnt base the information on a primary source but a secondary source from interview. This document was written to inform people on the festival and not to swing view points so it can be taken in any viewpoint. Our other main source "The Road To Woodstock" written by Michael Lang who was the co-creater of Woodstock 69'. It is a primary source from the man who himself was at Woodstock. It is generally limited because it from the man who created it and not a actual preformer or attendee. Its a valuable source since its mainly primary source. "Hippie" organized by Barry Miles was another source we used. In this book, there are many short articles about various things between 1960-71 including Woodstock. "Singer-Songwriters" was the article's name and it was written by James Taylor. So it is a secondary source. Written in early 1970, this was just after Woodstock ended. The purpose was to inform others [Hippies, bystanders, everyone who cared] about his interest and his style in music. The author probably wrote this being influenced by music and wrote this during the era of Woodstock. Obviously, this is from the author's point of view and he is giving his opinion on the subject. arrow roulette Conclusion Analysis Lang, Michael, and Holly George-Warren. The Road to Woodstock. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2009.
In this book source, many new musicians had their chance to shine at the amazing concert of Woodstock. Many of them came from over seas for their chance to shine. This was also called the British Invasion and this dramatically impacted the music business in America starting at Woodstock.

Klug, Melanie. Woodstock- A defining moment of a generation. 2009.http://www.grin.com/e-book/144948/woodstock-a-defining-moment-of-a-generation.
In this document, the author defines the political function of music in the 1960’s along with all the musicians that performed at Woodstock. It also said that the counterculture of the 1960’s was influenced by the concert. Not only did the concert of Woodstock affect music, but also the musicians and their talents.

Taylor, James. "Singer-Songwriters." In Hippie, Barry Miles, 336-337. New York: Sterling Publishing Company, 2003.
One author had his opinion on his musical talents. He took his talents and became very successful because of Woodstock. He has become very popular and Woodstock impacted him to have a career in music.

Woods, Tyler. "Woodstock and the Impact of the Music World in 1969." http://tucsoncitizen.com/retroflections/2009/08/24/woodstock-and-the-impact-of-the-music-world-in-1969/.
Woodstock majorly impacted not just America but the world. Because of the huge turnout and the popularity, music changed forever and had a new face. A new generation of music came about after Woodstock.

Perone, James E. Woodstock. New York: Greenwood Publishing Group, 2005.
In this source, Perone says that Woodstock was one of the craziest things in American history and it changed America. The music world did in fact change with the increasing interest in rock and roll and rock overall.

Kay, Alick. "Promoting Tourism Through Popular Music." ingentaconnect. http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/cog/tcc/2006/00000006/00000003/art00007.
Some music throughout the years has been popular when it promotes tourism. All starting at Woodstock, more people became interested in music. Tourism started for the music industry all because of Woodstock.

Squidoo. "Woodstock Music Festival 1969." http://www.squidoo.com/woodstock_69.
This very convenient site had loads of imformation and a variety of articles on Woodstock. It has youtube videos, documents, books, and articles all about Woodstock and music. Music was affected by Woodstock and that changed how music was looked in the future. Woodstock boosted the amount of different and diverse concerts in america being more about fun and music.
Along with new British and European artists performing at woodstock emerged many new, fresh Amreican artists tring to fulfill their dreams and pursue a career in music which started a whole new generation of music.
Music became more important to american society.
because of the success of woodstock in 1969, musical businesses prospered and thrived on the youth of america being influenced by music the know and love.
Lyrics became more explicit as woodstock influnced this by the extended use of drugs by bands.
Set standards for music and concerts alike in america.
many new genres of music were introduced to america in the 1970's starting at woodstock. In conclusion the music industry was greatly affected by Woodstock 69' festival.
Concerts changes and precidents on how they held concerts and what they should be like. New genres of music and a new swarm of British musicians came in and created a new generation of music. Overall, all of this boosted the growth of the music industry in America. Woodstock 69' changed the music industry more than any other music event in history. Bibliography (Annotated) Plan of Investigation Use books, documents, and essays to focus on the ideas of Woodstock and its effects on the music industry. WE used the public library nearby to get two book sources and used google scholar to find our websites which held our documents
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