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Dred Scott by Michael Haney

No description

American Academy

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Dred Scott by Michael Haney

Dred Scott dasdask,fhd asfdas asfdsa afadsf Dred scott was a slave who wanted to be free, because his master took him into the North. Dred Scott's owner was a doctor who had patients in the North
He took him there to help. Dred Scott met some abolisionists who told him to run away, because he should be free since he is in the North.
Eventually, the matter was taken to the court, and then the Supreme Court.
Supreme court jugded wether Scott should be slave or not. The Supreme court decided that no matter where he was, Dred Scott was a slave for life. Supreme Court also decided that the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional. M dfgfgf dsafsdaffdsgtrhgfgfbdfdsfdsssssssssssdfgdg by Michael Haney Without Missouri compromise nothing would stop the spread of slavery.
This brought southerners joy, and they began to hurry to grab new land. by Michael Haney
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