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No description

matthew lagerquist

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Furby

By Matthew Lagerquist Furby When were Furbys invented? Furbys were invented in 1998
First seen in public in late 1998 What was the purpose of inventing Furbys? They wanted a robot that can...
1. Be trained
2. Learn
3. Respond to human interaction What will Furbys do for the future More robots have been created
They have created other technology that can talk to you like Furbys How many types of Furbys are there and What Brand makes them over 10 types of Furbies
Can get them in different colors
Hasbro is the brand that makes them Which Furbys were the most popular? All Furbys were really popular Who made the first Furby? Caleb Chung
Dave Hampton Where were Furbys invented? California What do Furbys do? Talk back to you
Speak Furbish
Walk This is all they can do Example: Siri What I thought about Furby I thought they were cool because you were almost actually talking
I also thought it was cool because they come in so many colors
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