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deep insights into the mind of luke reimer

No description

luke reimer

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of deep insights into the mind of luke reimer

Music is a symbol of practice and perfection. Music has taught me that if you practice you will get better and better until it is a work of art.
The outdoors is a symbol of hard work and satisfaction.
The outdoors has taught me that if there's something hard and you just keep on going there's probably a great view at the end of the trail.
To me, biking represents serenity. Biking has taught me to be calm in tight situations. That has helped in life because I stay more relaxed rather than nervous if something intense is happening.
Deep insights into the mind of Luke Reimer
trampolining, for me, symbolizes awareness and friendship. Trampolining to be aware on where you are in the air. If you're not aware you wont be able to go very far in the sport. Secondly, trampolining also represents friendship because it isn't really fun without a couple friends there with you.
This oxymoron symbolizes when I go hiking or traveling. My trips usually require lots of planning and organizing, but they often end with something going wrong.
organized mess

As cool as a cucumber
This simile symbolizes me because with a lot of the sports I do I have to be calm while doing them.
I could sleep for a million years
This hyperbole symbolizes me because I usually don't get enough sleep so I'm always tired.
This symbolizes me because I very rarely give 110%
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