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A Time to Kill

No description

Brittany Russell

on 14 October 2010

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Transcript of A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill The story of a black man's struggle for justice for himself and his family Tonya Hailey is a ten year old girl. She was walking home from the grocery store one day when two men throw a beer bottle at her. They tie her up, Rape her, Beat her, Hang her, And throw her body in the river, Leaving her for dead. This is Tonya Hailey This is Carl Lee Hailey Carl Lee is Tonya's father Even though Tonya's rapists are caught, Carl Lee fears they will get off because they are white. He decides to take justice into his own hands Before the two men are tried, he goes into the courthouse with an M16 assault rifle He opens fire, killing the rapists and wounding a police officer Now Carl Lee faces trial for murder During the trial:
Carl Lee pleads not guilty due to mental insanity
The jury is only told about Carl Lee's crime, not his provocation
Every time Tonya is brought up in the trial, the prosecution objects, stating that since the rapists were never tried, there's no proof they raped her. *The Trial This is Jake Tyler Brigance He is Carl Lee's lawyer Jake pushed for a change of venue because he knew Carl Lee wouldn't get a fair trial in that county. This motion was denied because the judge thought Carl Lee wasn't likely to get a fair trial anywhere in Mississippi Carl Lee's Feelings Towards The Rapists *Carl Lee's lawyer, Jake Brigance, is a white, middle class man. To some people in those times, defending a black man was almost worse than being black. Jake's family was threatened to the point where his wife and daughter left for a different state. That's probably a good thing, considering his house was eventually burnt down. After this, he had to sleep in his office with a guard outside his door. Jake's secretary was threatened at home as well. This led to the death of her husband, who had a heart condition. This is Ellen Roark She is a law student helping Jake with the case. Freddie Lee Cobb, a a police officer and member of the Ku Klux Klan, pulled her over one night, then kidnapped and beat her, and tied her to a tree. This is what he told her:
You can't blame a nigger for being a nigger, no more than you can blame a dog for being a dog. But a whore like you, co-mingling with mongrels, betraying your own. That makes you worse than a nigger. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll leave you tied up here naked. First, it'll just be bugs eating at ya. One day, maybe two. That sun's gonna be cooking you. And animals... they're gonna pick on your stink. They'll come looking for something to eat. *This case led to a revival of the Ku Klux Klan, which had been inactive in Mississippi for several years. They recruited new members with the promise of a better future in which whites reigned supreme. The KKK hires a sniper to kill Jake, but he misses, killing a member of the National Guard The KKK also went to the houses of anyone helping Jake and Carl Lee and threatened them *Racism Outside The KKK *It's Jake's powerful closing argument that wins the case "Now imagine she's white" Two perspectives:
The defense-These men raped and beat his daughter
The prosecution-A man killed two men and wounded a police officer Would Carl Lee have gotten off if he was white? It's important for us as future teachers to understand why the racism exists Would Carl Lee have killed the rapists if they were black? "Nigger, negro, black, African-american, no matter how you see me, you see me different, you see me like that jury sees me, you are them."
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