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Women's Fashion from the Gilded Age

hines 6

katie harris

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Women's Fashion from the Gilded Age

Katie, Leah, Abbey, Blake Women's Fashion of the Gilded Age. During this time sleeves became slimmer,
and fitted. This tailored look became
very popular. Hemlines also got shorter. Before this time, the styles were fancy
and unpractical. However they became
plain and simple. Women could have
more freedom to do activities like
riding bicycles. These simpler fashions
became popular because men wanted
women that were beautiful, but not too
bright or sassy. Simple Fashion Slimmer styles The Parasol The parasol was used as a decorative accessory during the summer. The Gibson Girl A cartoon by Charles Dana Gibson had this idea of a "New Girl." This Gibson girl was sporty, beautiful and set fashion trends in America and Britain. Appearance Women wore minimal to no makeup. They wore gloves made out of silk and carried little decorative, small purses, not handbags. Corsets Billions of dollars were
spent on women's clothing
per year, fourteen million on corsets alone.Women
wanted an S shape achieved with corsets. Corsets became loser and less fitted as time went on. Hats Hats were a crucial part of a woman's outfit. They were commonly worn and most women never left the house without one. Fashion through out the 19th Century This clip is of modern day women modeling the different styles of clothing through out the 19th century. Swimsuits Swimsuits were very conservative compared to the swimsuits of today. Women often were bonnets or some type of hat. Swimsuits showing more skin started to become acceptable in the 1900s. Sporty Clothing Bicycling Outfits Walking Outfit This video shows modern woman wearing 19th century fashions. It shows the evolution of fashion throughout that century. Shoes Women at this time wore small high heels. The style of shoes stayed the same throughout the 19th century. Formal Dresses Wedding Dress Funeral Dress
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