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Social Studies: Canadian Shield

No description

Megan MacAulay

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Social Studies: Canadian Shield

The canadian Shield Location The Canadian Shield is located in Canada (as the name suggests) and is in a very small part of the U.S. as well Physical Characteristics Human/
Environment Interaction Movement Regions There are natural minerals as well as a large supply of wood. The people mine the valuable minerals and log the large supply of wood provided by the boreal forests Our Cake The people of the Canadian Shield are diverse in culture and race. The Canadian shield landscape is mainly
rolling hills of bare rock and many boreal forests
as you get to the northern areas. Also known as Laurentian Plateau The population is scarce; there are less than four million people There are many boreal forests that manage to grow despite the sandy soil. The valuable minerals are nickel, gold, silver, copper and zinc The physical characteristics of the Canadian Shield are low bare rocks that were swept clean by the glaciation that happened may years ago The debris left behind by the glaciation forced the rivers to pool into lakes or find a different path to flow The elevation in the center of the Canandian Shield is lower in the cnter than around the sides Railway is a very common way to get around the Canadian Shield, mainly for transporting goods Cars are, obviously the most common way for people to get around on a day-to-day basis In accordance to Vancouver; the Canadian Shield is east It is found mainly in the provinces of Manitoba, the North-West Territories and Ontario. It covers a small portion of Quebec and Saskatchewan as well Blue Jello: River Green Fondant: Grass and Trees Green Jello: Swamp Hills: Rice Crispies and Fondant Base: Chocolate and vanilla cake Boreal forests are home to many evergreen trees such as spruce, fir and pine. There are also some deciduous trees such as poplar and white birch. Most of the Canadian Shield's surface is covered in smooth, rounded rock The wood in these forests is weak, small and limp, which is better suited for the pulp and paper induatry. The climae varies throughout the shield varies, as you travle north, the winters get longer and colder, while the summers get shorter and cooler. The canadian shield is home to many animals
such as moose, beavers, herrin, loons, fox,
caribou, and golden eagles.
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