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Bruce Trail

No description

Amy Carey

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Bruce Trail

How many water falls does the
trail have? On the Bruce trail there are so many waterfalls.If you were to count them you would probably lose track. Three names of the waterfalls you can find along the way are: Tiffany falls, Sherman falls, and the Hogs falls. Bruce Trail What is the name of the main body of water? How many species of animals are there? How many Km makeup the Bruce trail Well, along the Bruce Trail the main path is around 885 km long and the extra side trails add up to 440 km.So, the total length of the trail would be around 1325 km. The Bruce Trail was opened in 1967, and is Canada's longest hiking trail. . How old is the Bruce trail? The Bruce Peninsula is rich in history. The peninsula was formed 400 million years ago - and native histories go back 1000's of years. Settlers "discovered" the Bruce peninsula in the mid 1900's.
http://www.thebrucepeninsula.com/bpnp.html Work Cited The Bruce Trail is home to many creatures. For example: Bears, lynx, red squirrels, fishes, porcupines,eastern Milk snake, salamanders, http://brucetrail.wholemap.com/hike1-waterfall/index.shtml Tiffany Falls Sherman falls Hoggs falls http://www.ontariotrails.on.ca/trails-a-z/bruce-trail/ Everybody hikes to the Grotto cave. It is the most popular attraction in Bruce Peninsula National Park. It's a big cave on the shore, it was carved out by the waves of Georgian Bay for over thousands of years. Lake Ontario Lake Huron Baby Lynx Baby Squirrel Done by: The Bruce trail's main body of water is between
Lake Huron and lake Ontario ,so there is really
two main bodies of water. Here are pictures of..... Here is another water Fall you can find along the Trail Baby Fox The trail The hikers One of the Bridges on the Trail How many caves are there http://www.explorethebruce.com/the-grotto.php Grieg' s Caves are the small part of the rock of the Bruce Peninsula along the Niagara Escarpment. Approximately 400 mil­lion years ago. There are so many caves along the Bruce Trail. Two caves you can find on the trail is the Grotto cave and Greig's caves inside the grotto cave outside of the grotto cave The Bruce Trail Sign some species you may find: Chipmunk squirrel lynx milk snake HERE ARE SOME PICTURES ........ Black bear Amy N. Carey so the Bruce Trail is exactly fifty years old!!!! Inside Grieg's cave Outside Grieg' s cave Some other common seen wildlife along the Bruce Trail includes: raccoon,snowshoe hare, skunk, white-tailed deer,and frogs Interesting Facts: When was the Bruce Trail conceived Raccoon Frogs Snow Shoe Hare Skunk White Tailed Deer The Bruce trail was conceived in the
year of 1960.It was conceived by a man
by the name of Ray Lowe's.The trail was
Fully conceived in the year 1963. http://www.journeysontario.ca/Hikes/Bruce_Trail.html http://www.thebrucepeninsula.com/gardens.html http://www.niagaragreenbelt.com/site-map/469-bruce-trail.html http://brucetrail.org/pages/about-us/the-niagara-escarpment 1. In Ontario, all major trails usually lead to the Bruce Trail.
2. The trail gets visited 400,000 times per year.
3. The Bruce Trail is 50 years old .
4. The tress are 400 to 1000 years old.
5. It takes 30 days to 60 years to hike the trail depending on your physical ability. The Bruce Trail During Autumn From Niagara
to Tobermory . THE END 36 species of reptiles and amphibians
· 53 species of mammals
· 90 species of fish
· more than 350 species of birds The Hiker's...... Peter Turkstra Mark MacLennan Teemu Lakkasuo Fred Losani
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