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Active and the Social Graph

How Active.com should leverage the Social Graph and Viral Loop to grow transactions.

Jason Aloia

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Active and the Social Graph

How can we connect
more people with the
things they love to do... MORE OFTEN? SIMPLE: + AKA: "Social Graph" & the "Viral Loop" ...not to be confused with... "But aren't we already using
social networks to grow?" YES! But social networks can
still do more for us. Here's how... More than 400 Million people use Facebook regularly 56% Female
35-54s gaining on youngins The average Facebook user has 130 Friends ("Yeah, but would they help you move??") RELEVANCE drives engagement rel·e·vance a : relation to the matter at hand
b : practical and especially social applicability We have to add social context
to the Active.com definition of "RELEVANCE" Think about who truly
INFLUENCES and MOTIVATES us Ronnie McD?? "NO!" it's our FRIENDS Webster's A: "The SOCIAL GRAPH" "The VIRAL LOOP" "What's so innovative about this?
I've been saying we should do this
FOREVER!" The Approach Keep it REAL SIMPLE

Treat this as a SEARCH FEATURE

Detangle from the AUS cluster
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