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Ms. Aspey and Mrs. Griggs's Second Grade Class

First Day of School Presentation

lisa aspey

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of Ms. Aspey and Mrs. Griggs's Second Grade Class

Welcome to
Ms. Lisa Aspey's
Second Grade
Back-to-School Night

Who is my teachers?
How can I help my child at home?
What is the curriculum?
What is the classroom like?
It is a great new year!
Together, we are going to accomplish many things...
Complete challenging tasks
Learn grade level content
Reach our highest potential
Ms. Aspey is the teacher.
Who are we?
A few favorite things...
Second Grade Curriculum
Apply Reading Comprehension strategies
Learn to read fluently with good intonation and expression
Begin "Reading to Learn" with nonfiction text
Easily add and subtract numbers up to one thousand
Understand place value concepts
Develop geometry, time, and money concepts
Write a series of related ideas in narrative stories, opinion pieces, and informational passages
Organize ideas into paragraphs
Use interesting words and a variety of sentence structures.
What can I expect as a second grader
room 11 ?
In order to learn all of the fun, cool, and interesting
things that second graders learn....
Our classroom has rules and procedures
Our classroom has rewards and consequences
Students need to be taught behavior in a safe and
structured environment. The class can spend more time engaged and focused on learning. The students know what is expected of them and they are motivated to achieve.
Classroom Rules
Classroom Procedures
Show Respect
Solve Your Problems
Make Good Decisions
Bell Work
Moving around the room
Morning routine:
Daily routine:
Turning in work
Place your homework in your the correct drawer before sitting down.
Entering the room
Come in to the room walking,
one at a time, with inside voices,
and hands to yourself.
Sit at your seat and quietly work
on the yellow page. If you
finish early, begin your quiet reading.
Stay quiet and listen to the morning
announcements so everyone can hear.
Pencils can be sharpened at recess or before school. Extra supplies are available in the back of the room.
Keep your hands to yourself, walk quietly in the traffic flow direction, and do not disturb others.
Use the restroom at recess so you don't miss portions of the lesson. In emergencies, please ask for permissions and sign the clipboard.
Place your completed work neatly into the Turn-in-Basket.
Student Rewards & Consequences
Caught or reported doing a good deed
Being a good leader and role model
The class will have a behavior chart with
each individual student given their own
clothes pin that tracks the positive accomplishments and behavior that they display throughout the day. They can earn stickers, Super Cooper coupons or a prize box visit.

Students also earn group points towards a prize box visit usually at the end of the week.
How can students move up the chart?
Exemplary work
A student that breaks any of the classroom
rules or displays inappropriate behavior will
have consequences. The chance system
allows students to be aware that their
behavior/actions are not allowed and should
be corrected. .
First Chance
The student will move to the "Think About It" level to remind them to make good decisions.
Third Chance
The student will move to the "Parent Contact" level. At the end of the day, the student will be sent home with a "Consequence Sheet". They must explain why they moved to this level and list ways they could have behaved better, have a parent sign it, and turn it in the following morning.
Second Chance
The student will move to the "Teacher's Choice" level and may receive some quiet time, a visit to the break room, or other consequence to think about making good choices. The teacher will counsel them.
What is inappropriate behavior?
Being disruptive or causing distractions
Being harmful or hurtful to others
Not following classroom rules
How can I help my child?
We look forward to spending the year with all of you!
I graduated from U.C. Davis and have been teaching for 30 years in Vacaville Unified School District.
My cats
My family
Friends and reading
Help your child attend school regularly
Make sure your child gets a good night's sleep
Develop good routines for homework and library books
Check over your child's homework and help them fix mistakes
Read nightly
Encourage appropriate level of responsibilities at home with chores
Contact me with questions and/or concerns
Increase our abilities in reading, writing, and mathematics
It is a great new year!
Be S.T.A.R. Cooper students in Second Grade
Learn about our world
Become better citizens and make new friends
Together, we are going to accomplish many things by . . .
Working hard and having fun
Exploration and discussion
Carefully planned instruction
Working at our personal level
Many opportunities to practice
It is a great new year!
Together, we are going to accomplish many things with . . .
Parental Support
What other information do I need to know to help my second grader?
Listening and Speaking
Express thoughts in complete sentences
Listen and be able to paraphrase others ideas
Focus attentively on lessons of increasing duration
Other Important Information
Other rewards
AR Medals
Classroom Mayor
Mudge is the classroom mascot.
Homework (Break room used to finish HW)
gives daily practice
reinforces study skills
checked by family member for accuracy
please read nightly to or with your child
in seat ready to work at 8:15
call school to report an absence
make-up work is to be completed and returned to school
many ways to help
schedule for sign-ups
donate a book
send healthy snacks
sweets passed out at bell
Lunches and Snacks
label lunch box or bag
lunch money to cafeteria before school
healthy snacks ONLY
P. T. O.
join as a family
membership drive
Mayor/ Mascot
Peer Support
Staff Support
Daily Schedule
8:10 School Begins
Morning Work - grammar, vocabulary, and analogies
Phonics/Word Work
8:45 Stations - reading. fluency/comprehension, and spelling
10:00 Snack Recess - Healthy Snacks
10:15 Intervention - (Independent Reading and AR tests)
10:30 Writing/Grammar
11:15 Lunch (Independent P.E)
12:00 Math
1:15 Recess
1:45 Science/Social Studies/ Art.
2:20 Dismissal (1:00 Wednesdays)
* Tuesday - P.E. 12:25
* Friday - Library 12:05
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