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By: Siri

No description

Becky Kuethe

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of By: Siri

What my Robot does?
My Robot's name is '' BankBot''- It saves money for me.It's like a Piggy Bank in the form of Robot Bank.
How it Works?
My Robot reminds me to do chores and ask for money every day. It just works like a Piggy Bank only difference is my BankBot asks for change to be deposited everyday. It has legs and walks by the charge.
What Material is used to make BankBot?
BankBot is made by using: Cardboard boxes, White paper, Glue, Tape, Used paper towel tubes, Foil, straws, Markers, Crayons, Pencils, and Ruler etc.
How Does It Keep Charge?
I plug the BankBot to the wall outlet and charge overnight and can work continuously for 8hrs.
My Bankobot will save lot of money, since it takes money daily in its Belly. This would be the best Bot ever.
I hope you liked learning about my Bankbot!

How is the BankBot made?
Big box is used to make the body and the smaller is used for the head, Cardboard tubes are used for legs and Straws are used for Antennas. Seal all edges for the big box to make the body of the BankBot. Keep some opening in the back to take the money from the Bank? Make a small hole in the front of the box where you put the money[Coins and bills].
By: Siri
Teachers: Mrs. Kuethe & Mrs. Loser
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