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South Korea

Mrs. Pippins Period 6 World Geography

Rosa T.

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of South Korea

Let's travel to: South Korea!
South Korea
Population: 48,860,500
Capital: Seoul
Official language: Hangul
Official Currency: Won

By: Rosallia Trillo P.6
Physical Geography
-Cold winters
-Warm, humid summers
-Water/Air Pollution
-Majority hills/mountains
-Temperate climate, heavier rainfall in summer than winter
-Bottom portion of Korea, separated by North and South Korean border
-Asia's economic powerhouse
-Successful ship building industry
-Most important trading partners: US, China, Japan
-Market Economy ranking 15
-High developed country
-7th largest exporter
-10th largest importer worldwide
-One of Asian Tigers, fastest developing countries in world
-Economic boom after having almost no resources, overpopulated cities
-Divided executive, judicial, legislative branches
-Opposite of North Korea, North is Communist Society
-North = Dictatorship
-South = Democratic system
-South=More freedom
-In past, government helped
-Current times, government hurts economy
-Currently striving for better government, less corruption
-Seeking human rights, rules of the law, democracy values
-US are strong alliances with South Korea
-Formed in 1948, official name: The Republic of Korea
-After WWII, North separated with South due to political differences
-North Korea is under a dictatorship, South is NOT.
-Families, friends, separated from border-even though they are of the same race
-Over decades of war, experiences political turmoil, slowly strengthening their economy and people with time
-99.9% residents are Korean
-Main religions: Christianity and Buddhism
-Overpopulated in many large cities
-Children learn Taekwondo in school
-Families are very close
-Education is very important, children go to school until midnight
-Very enthused with the arts and music
-Nationalism ties an important factor that makes Koreans form stronger bonds
-Official language of Hangul has been used since 1444
-Simple language, very basic to learn
-Made up of Chinese Vowels/Constonants
Current Events
-Very successful country
-Maintaining many alliances, especially close with US
-Economy is extremely well, one of top successful economies in the world
-Border still between North/South Korea
-Some families still have not spoken or seen their relatives past border for over 60 years
-Continue to prosper and grow, developing
-Striving for a better, unified country
Sources: http://worldgeography.abc-clio.com/Topics/Display/167?cid=41&terms=korea, http://online.culturegrams.com/world/world_country.php?contid=3&wmn=Asia&cid=149&cn=South_Korea, World Geography Book
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