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Tomek M.(A06)

Emperatriz Angulo

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of GERUNDS(A06)

I- Gerunds as Objects of Verbs:
II- Gerunds as Objects of Preposition:
III- Go + recreational activity
b) Gerunds after prepositions of adjectives:

- She was interested in signing up for the course.



- I'm responsible for raising those kids.

Adjective + Prep. + Gerund
-accustomed to -famous for
-afraid of -fed up with
-good/bad at -used to
-capable of
-concerned about/with
-excited about
-curious about
IV- Gerunds after a possessive expression:
For example:
- He enjoys going to parties.
- They kept calling you.
(Gerund---Object of Verb)
Verb + Verb(ing)
-advise -confess -give up
-appreciate -consider -imagine
-avoid -deny -keep
-be worth -dislike -mind
-can't help -enjoy -recommend
Choose a verb and make up a sentence/question.
(more verbs+gerund on app.12)
a) Gerunds after Prepositions of Verbs:

For example,
- He insists on going to Europe with me.
- They've been planning on helping the poor.
Verb + Prep. + Gerund:
- admit to -choose between -feel like
-apologize for -plan on -insist on
-believe in -count on -keep on
-complain about -dream about -look forward to
-talk about -think about -rely on
Choose a verb
and make up a sentence/question.
Chose one and make up a sentence/question
(For more gerunds after prepositions of adjectives go to app.16)
For example:
- Suddenly, they decided to go camping!

- Yesterday, everybody went fishing in the river.

- Would you like to go swimming with me?
1-I dislike it when Andrea comes here.
I dislike Andrea's coming here.

I dislike her coming here.
2-The teacher appreciates it when the students participate in class.
The teacher appreciates the students'....
The teacher appreciates.....

3-We understand John's behaving badly.
P.A.P. + gerund
Poss. Noun+gerund
V- Gerunds as complements
Phrases that describe the subject or object of the
For example:

-Her hobby is going to the gym.

-I still have trouble trying to decide what to do.

-My greatest passion is reading novels.

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