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Elijah of Buxton book project

No description

Alex Joseph

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Elijah of Buxton book project

by: Alex Joseph Elijah of Buxton Main or Recurring Characters Summary Elijah Freeman ( Main character )
Pa ( Elijah's father )
Ma ( Elijah's mother )
Cooter Bixby ( Elijah's friend )
Right Reverend Deacon Doctor Zephariah Connerly W. the Third ( AKA: the preacher )
Mr. Leroy ( Elijah's coworker )
Mr. Bixby ( Cooter's father )
Mrs. Bixby ( Cooters mother )
Mrs. Holton ( Richest woman in Buxton )
Emma Collins (a know-it-all girl who Elijah despises) This book is set in the American Civil War period. (1860's) The American Civil War was a war fought between the States. The two sides were the Confederate States of America, and the United States of America. The position of the Confederate States of America was that slavery should be legal and that the citizens should be able to bring their property (their slaves) into any state lawfully. The position of the United States of America was that slavery should be illegal and that a free state should have the right to make laws inside their boundaries without another state interfering and/or without having to treat the citizens of another state differently. This war was won by the United States of America. Which side are you on? An Explanation of the Time Period Christopher Paul Curtis, is the winner of numerous awards, such as the Coretta Scott King award, and the Newbery Medal. He is the second oldest out of five children, and was raised in Flint, Michigan. Immediately after Graduation from Flint Southwestern High School, Curtis did two things: he applied for a job at Fisher Body Plant No. 1; and enrolled at University of Michigan Flint campus.
His station at the General Motors plant was to lift the doors onto the car with a coworker, the teams of men were supposed to alternate every other car. Curtis and his coworker broke the rules and decided only to work every 30 minutes. Boredom during the free time was converted into time spent reading novels and writing. This is where and when his adventure into children's writing began.
Christopher Paul Curtis now lives in Detriot, Michigan. About the Author Bibliography This book is a historical fiction novel winning the Coretta Scott King award. This book is centered around a young boy named Elijah, he is the first child born free in a settlement of runaway slaves near the American border, in Canada. He constantly is annoyed by the fact that everyone is always saying he's too "fra-gile" or in modern words, he needs to toughen up. Most of the book is just his normal life, which is very interesting to the average modern reader. Then a strange twist at the end when a trusted adult steals money from Elijah's coworker, who was saving to buy his family out of the Confederate States of America. He then goes on a mission to get the money, where Elijah finds the theif dead. He also takes a baby out of slavery during the mission. WWW.nobodybutcurtis.com
Curtis,Christopher. Elijah of Buxton. Detroit, MI: Scholastic, 2007 Credits This presentation was brought to you by: Alex Joseph
Janice Anderson
Christopher Paul Curtis
Elijah of Buxton
Adam Somlai-Fischer
Peter Halacsy
Budapest University of Technology
Sunstone Capital
TED Conferences
Jonney shih
Bill Gates
Mozilla Foundation
Netscape Communications
Mark Andreessen
Jim Clark
Tim Berners-Lee Credits Thanks to the computer person ...and Thanks to the audience members !

That's all folks!
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