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30 things about me

No description

Ashton-Kate Veal

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of 30 things about me

my favorite band is one direction my favorite singer is ed sheeran my favorite dessert is chocolate my favorite dance is gangnam style my favorite animal is a horse 30 things about me my favorite color is green my favorite book is Harry Potter and the order of the phinex my favorite song is live while we're young by one direction favorite child hood book
is Alice in wonderland my favorite country in England but before I do that I want to be in the air force or navy my favorite city is London my favorite website
is polyvore my favorite show
is top gear UK my favorite season is spring my favorite holiday is christmas my favorite drink is coke my favorite movie is Hunger Games I play the clarinet I know how to play the violin (fiddle) my favorite month
is march my favorite symbol is a star when I grow up I want to be a photographer my favorite under water
animal is a star fish my favorite restaurant
is the drake dinner I have one brother, Brennan my favorite book series is Harry Potter my favorite play
(musical) is wicked my favorite fast food restaurant is subway my favorite food is pizza my favorite car is the marauder my favorite person is Emma Watson my favorite quote is... or this one
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