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Music Orientation

Freshman Orientation Presentation

Michael Sekelsky

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Music Orientation

UCM Music
Dr. Scott Lubaroff, Interim Chair
Dr. Sheri Mattson, Departmental Advisor
Christine Spader, CAHSS Advisor
The Department
1. For Music Performance Degrees
Applied Instructor

(other than Jazz-Commercial,
Dr. Aaberg
, and Music Tech,
Dr. Honour

2. For Music Education:
Dr. Lubaroff

(instrumental) -
Dr. Zabriskie


Dr. Mattson -

Degree Audits, class changes,
upper level check-list for exams, etc.


College Advisor -

General Education

5. Please
Advising / Questions / Communication
1. Calendar
2. Audition Information (ensembles link)
3. Current Student Resources
1. Check your degree program
Basic courses (for all music majors):
•MUS 1000 recital attendance

•MUS 1100 Fundamentals of Music
unless your admission letter indicated Theory 1

•MUS 1501 Piano Class I
except BA and those with some piano background

•Those w/piano skills see Dr. Hynes at beginning of the year for skill assessment and placement
4 Year Plans (available soon)!
Applied lessons
(check audition status)
•1.0 credit for half-hour lessons and 2.0 credits for hour lessons
•BM Performance (except Music Technology) must take 2 credit lessons

as appropriate
(be sure to connect with Director of Bands for marching band,
Director of Choral Activities for choir, etc.)

Additional courses specific to degree:

Tech majors
MUS 1450 and Intro to Music Tech elective: .5 course (2 of the 3 offered)

Instrumental Music Education
one of the
instrumental methods classes


•MUS 1225 Music of the World’s Cultures
•AE 1400 (music) Freshman Seminar taught by Mattson
Other Classes
1. You must be present to win.

2. Success is the ability to meet deadlines.
Go to every class prepared.

3. Schedule your practice time like
a class that you cannot miss.
1-3 hours daily.

4. To be successful in the future, you must have
deep knowledge in one subject - MUSIC (includes instrument/voice, ensembles,
music history, and music theory)

5. There has been a shift from the
"Music Business"

to the
"Musician Business"
which means that most
contemporary musicians earn a living
in a variety of music activities.
Success in Music
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