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Short Story Comparison

No description

Jordan Duke

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Short Story Comparison

Theme Overall the theme that I saw in all 3 stories was that before you do something you should think about what could happen when you do things because you might get burned in the outcome of things.

In the Sniper, the narrator is under fire and gets shot. So the only thing he could do is to kill the other sniper before he killed him. When he ends up killing the sniper he decides to see who the enemy sniper was trying to kill him. It turns out that the enemy sniper was his brother. This fits into the theme because it actually ended up hurting him more than the gun wound.

In The Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff tells Rainsford that he is going to hunt him. The General chases Rainsford around the island trying to kill him. After many attempts to capture Rainsford the General goes back home and finds Rainsford in his room. Rainsford ends up killing the General which is major karma. This also fits my overall theme.

In Beware of the Dog, this theme comes in when Williamson ejects without knowing where he is. When he woke up and had to figure out where he was. The fact that he did not think about where he was when he ejected left him captured. Conflict Summary The Most Dangerous Game
Rainsford falls of his boat and swims to a nearby island and goes to a nearby house. Rainsford meets General Zaroff. General Zaroff tells Rainsford that he is going to be hunted. Rainsford runs into the woods. After many traps Rainsford shows up in General Zaroff's room. Rainsford kills General Zaroff and feeds him to the dogs.Rainsford goes to sleep in General Zaroff's bed.

Beware of the Dog
Peter Williamson is forced to make an emergency ejection out his plane. He wakes up in a hospital with no idea where he is. He hears the sound of a Junkers 88 and other clues that makes him questionable of where he is. Peter gets out of the bed and saw a sign that says Garde au chien. Garde au chien is French for “beware of the dog”. Williamson realizes that he is not in Brighton. He is in France. He is told that he will be meeting with someone from the Air Ministry to talk to him about what happened. Williams told the RAF officer nothing but his name, rank, and number. The Sniper
The narrator is sitting on an enemy roof when he decides to take a smoke. Then the narrator is spotted by the enemy sniper and gets shot.The narrator kills the enemy sniper. He decides to go and see who came so close to killing him. In a massive case of irony he finds out that it was his brother that he killed. Characterization In The Most Dangerous Game the protagonist's name is Rainsford. He is a very smart and very skilled hunter. He single handedly outwited General Zaroff with only a knife and his intelligence.
General Zaroff is the antagonist. His is also a very skilled hunter. He dose not hunt animals though. He hunts humans that end up on his island. He ends up getting what he deserves.

In The Sniper the protagonist is the narrator who is a very skilled sniper. He had great military skills. He is also very clever and has great understanding of his surroundings.
The antagonist in The Sniper is the enemy sniper. He is a very skilled sniper also that came close to killing the narrator.

In Beware of The Dog Peter Williamson is the protagonist. He is a pilot. He is not sure where he is but he works to try and find out where he is.
Everybody in the hospital is considered an antagonist they are trying to trick Williamson into telling them information by telling him he is in a hospital in Brighton. The Most Dangerous Game
By:Richard Connell Beware of The Dog
By: Rohald Dahl The Sniper
By: Liam O’Flaherty
Literary Stratgies In all 3 stories I noticed that the author just ends the story. There is not any closure in any of the stories. In the Most Dangerous Game it just said that Rainsford never slept in a more comfortable bed. Then the story just ends. Also in the Sniper the story just ends when he turns the body over and he finds out that it was his brother. In Beware of the Dog it ends with him saying only his name, number, and rank. That was the end of the story. In all 3 stories there is a Man vs. Man conflict.

In The Most Dangerous Game the conflict was the General Zaroff is hunting Rainsford.

In The Sniper the conflict is that there is an enemy sniper hat is trying to kill the narrator.

In Beware of The Dog the conflict is that Peter Williamson had to bailout of his plane and wakes up in a hospital. He has no idea where is. Irony In all 3 stories there is some kind of irony.

In The Most Dangerous Game, there is irony when Zaroff is the one that is supposed to be the hunter. It turns out that he was the one being hunted. While Rainsford is slowly ploting agienst Zaroff. In the end it is Zaroff that ends up pushing daises.
In The Sniper, there is a case of irony. When he is faced with an enemy sniper. He kills the sniper but he ends up getting hurt the most. It turns out that the enemy sniper is his brother.
In Beware of the Dog, it is ironic that the pilot is supposed to be in a hospital that is supposed to be safe. It turn out that the hospital was just a way where the enemy could get info out of the enemy. The safe haven he thought he was in was really a trap for the enemy.
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