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Bullying: The Epidemic

English 9- Period 3MW

Marquessa Bryce

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Bullying: The Epidemic

Marquessa Bryce, Mathew Gutierrez, Selvin Ramirez
Strong vs. Weak
Bullying can be seen anywhere. It can be at school, the park, even in your own home. Bullying can also be spotted in movies, plays, TV shows, and in books that you have read. No matter who you are, you have experienced some sort of bullying in your lifetime and everyone knows for a fact how terrible it is.

“The choice rests entirely with you. But may I not venture to suggest that you will find my idea of sport more diverting than Ivan’s?’ He nodded toward the corner to where the giant stood, scowling, his thick arms crossed on his hogshead of a chest" (Connell 30).
"if they ignore the atmosphere of the peer group and try to stop bullying, there will be sanctions"(Sugimori 2).
In Japan, a group is more important set by peer pressure. A single individual stands no chance against one.
"Anti-Bullying Elementary School", peer pressure was the ultimate force of the bullying
A bully's action is usually considered to be heartless because of the resulting messed up emotions.
In "The Most Dangerous Game", General Zaroff mentions he hunts humans. The general makes the stranded men "'get plenty of food and exercise. [The men] [also] get into splendid physical condition'" (Connell 28).
In "Anatomy of Child Bullying in Japan 2" the writer claims that according to his research and studies, kids in Japan try not to intervene with the bullying because of having "a fear of counter charge" (Sugimori 3).
In "Strengths in Numbers" by Dunsford Elementary, a girl who appears to be younger than everyone else, is being bullied with insulting notes.
Bullies are characterized in many ways such as controlling, heartless, and unjust. They are able to take power over the victim and make them feel weak or inferior. In the story "The Most Dangerous Game", the videos "Anti-bullying Elementary School" and Defeat the Label Anti Bullying Video", and the articles "Web Popularity, Achieved by Bullying" and "Anatomy of Child Bullying in Japan 2", bullying is expressed by physical violence, verbal abuse, rumors, and gossip.

Most victims and witnesses of bullying feel insecure because of the horrible scene they' have just witness
In "The Most Dangerous Game," Rainsford feels insecure because the General and him are going to fight until someone dies so "by many methods he tried to put himself to sleep" (Connell 30).
In "Anatomy of Child Bullying Part 2" bullying makes children feel insecure because they "think about how their peers see them" (Sugimori 3).
In "Defeat The Label Anti Bullying Video," kids who look no different than their peers are label, and after being labeled, the kids see themselves as that label.
Every bully a person has encountered is most of the time a person higher in social ranking or greater in size
The bully or bullies are more overpowering than the victim
In "The Most Dangerous Game", General Zaroff has the advantage during the game. While the general supplies Rainsford with clothes, food, and a hunting knife, the general is given "a cocked revolver thrust in [a] crimson sash about his waist" (Connell 31)
His advantage makes him stronger and more powerful than Rainsford
The "Web of Popularity, Achieved by Bullying" article states how "the latest studies suggest that various forms of teenage aggression and victimization occur throughout the social ranks as students jockey to improve their status" (Pope 1)
In the video "Anti-bullying Elementary School", it begins with one girl starting the chain of bullying on a little girl which leads to more people picking on the little girl
Her size is not a factor and she was able to stand up for herself
As you can see, bullying is branded into everything, from literature, articles, videos, and real life. Knowing the characteristics of a bully can lead to a solution to stop bullying.
: The Epidemic
"The island is perfect for my purpose-there are jungles with a maze of trails in them, hills, swamps" (Connell 26).
The game would never be fair
Zaroff rigged it for him to win
"More likely to use relational aggression such as ignoring and isolating a victim from his/her peers" (Sugimori 2).
Allows no refuge or safety
Can never call for help
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