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Me and May (BFE)

No description

Carron Mastan

on 11 June 2011

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Transcript of Me and May (BFE)

We LOVE Each Other Juliana M. Mayanna H. Favorite Color Age 10. Birthday March 24. 2001 Birthday April 7. 2001 Age 10. Favorite Color PINK Favorite Color BLUE Hair Color BROWN Hair Color DIRTY BLOUND Eye Color BROWN Eye Color BROWN WE Etunity are Friend for Best ME and May Hair Color Eye Color Age Birthdays PEACE HOPE JUSTICE HARMANY LIVE LAUGH LIFE LOVE ME and May By Juliana Mastan Ciara To, Mayanna This is for my
Friend so we
know are
Friendship stays
and to show other
people about Me and May's
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