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01.06 Global Climate Change

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Alayna Shaw

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of 01.06 Global Climate Change

By Alayna Shaw
01.06 Global Climate Change
Climate can change because of two different factors: human and non-human. Most human factors lead our climate to global warm. On the opposite side, most non-human factors lead our climate into an ice age. There are many factors within the genres, but here are a few of the main ones.
Milankovitch Cycles
Non-Human Factor

Volcanic Eruption
Non-Human Factors
Volcanic Eruptions produce a great amount of ash and dust. When large enough, It can block or reflect solar radiation, making our earth dark and cold. This can also create an ice age, if the impact is large enough.

Human Factor
We breath oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, but trees are the exact opposite. They decrease the amount of carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere, but with deforestation, there are less trees. This causes an abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing a greater greenhouse effect. This will also cause Global Warming.
Human Factor
Cars run off of fossil fuels, so they create an emission of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas; this means that it traps heat into our atmosphere. This will raise the temperature of our climate and create global warming.
How Can We Help?
The Milankovitch Cycle is the Earth's position in relation with the sun. This changes the orbit of the Earth around the sun. Most of them have little impact and take hundreds of years to form, but it the Earth's orbit changes enough, we could have another ice age.



We have no control over whether a volcano erupts, or if the Earth changes orbit. Will do, however, have control over the human factors that cause climate change. If you and your friends are all going to the same place, car pool. It saves the amount of carbon dioxide gets into the air. You can turn of light switches, so you don't use a lot of energy that you don't need, use clean energy sources; like wind and solar, plant trees, so they can decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, eat organic; a lot of foods are processed in factories, and most of all, spread the word. If only one person tries to change our fate, it won't work. We all have to come together as one to make sure of climate doesn't change.
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