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Communication as Political Participation

No description

Casey Bond

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Communication as Political Participation

Communication as Political Participation
Relationships are a Negotiation of Values
Communication as Political Participation
Participatory Culture and Civic Engagement
Getting teens involved using technology and media
Value Negotiations Intertwined
In all of our interactions we clarify or confront certain values or ethics

All relationships experience the playing-out of shifting and multilayered power disparities which are drivers of meaning makings
Interpersonal, societal, private, and public communicative moments are braided together with fluctuating lines between enclosure and display
Main Ideas
All communication is consequential involvement in political relationships, processes, and structures.
Not just protest, debates, or voting, but happens in all of our interactions
Our personal value systems are reconstructed in minute-to-minute interactions, and bleed into and out of larger societal value systems.

Politics is our universal condition. It is brought to life when we interact, confront others’ ethics, and own, and forge senses of each other and ourselves in relation to broader social groups
We measure public opinion, grassroots movement, policy-making procedures, and campaign advertising because they are easier to isolate and measure, but neglect other sorts of communication that are invisible and untraceable that shape our societies and ourselves
Communication is Relational and Participatory
Relational encompasses communication processes in personal relationships
Participatory is an approach based on dialogue, which allows the sharing of information, perceptions and opinions among the various stakeholders
We participate regardless of intentions and level of awareness. Even not participating is a form of participation
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