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Code Orange Prezi of Awesome Beastlyness

A Project by Dakota Adams and Liam Wolfe. Done for Mr. Koch's class project. Book written by Caroline B. Cooney.

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Transcript of Code Orange Prezi of Awesome Beastlyness

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com No, because the true heroes are those who do those positive deeds for no recognition or reward. Think of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They do selfless acts for their city without even needing to be known as a hero. The idea of being rewarded when you are doing something that you are supposed to do is quite wrong, because it is your duty as a citizen. Mitty saw his duty of preventing the spread of smallpox. He chose to try and be his own hero, even though the only people to know would be close friends, family, and the F.B.I. Containing smallpox is something that is required to stay on the small scale, or America would fall to pieces from worry alone. Do you need recognition to be a Hero? Code Orange
by Caroline B. Cooney A Project made by Dakota Adams and Liam Wolfe I believe the message of the story is one of heroic abilities. It takes courage to use yourself to save others. It is an act of valor to selflessly give for no recompense. On pages 115-118, Mitty had written a suicide letter, showing his parents of his willingness to destroy smallpox, even at the cost of his life. What is the "message" of the story? "He had perfected the technique of listening to music on his iPod while a teacher talked." Dakota's Response: I can make a personal connection to this, because one time in class we had a substitute and I sat in the back of the class and I was listening to music from iPod. Liam's Response: I can make a personal connection to this, as I can connect to the rebellious aspect of Mitty's life. Not too defiant, yet still being a rebel. I have tried this trick before and tend to use it... not too often, of course. Questions we made: How has Mitty shown an example of valor? Could you replicate his showings?

What did Mitty DO to be considered a HERO? VOCABULARY Epidemic: A widely spread/easily widespread disease occasion. Vaccination: To be given a prevention/cure of a disease. Infectious: The ability to infect or invade a host. Discarded: To throw away or remove. Opinion and Reflection Our opinion on the story is a long and complicated one. We feel Mitty, so far, is an "Okay" kind of guy, not perfect, barely good, yet not bad. He has a kind and caring personality, yet this is not reflected with his effort with schooling. He has shown he does care about people, such as how he was willing to kill himself for the good of New York City. Throughout the story, his laziness has turned into a feeling of eagerness. Scientific facts - It takes 12 to 14 days for smallpox to take affect. - The real name of smallpox is "Variola Major" -"A case of smallpox would take precedence over any health problem on earth." Character Gallery and Analysis - Mitty Blake: A teenager attending St. Raphael's (Private) High School. His Biology Project's topic is: Smallpox. Lives in New York. Lazy, but energetic. Selfish (towards the beginning), yet caring. "Dating" Olivia. Main Character.
- Olivia: "Dating" Mitty. Helps Mitty with his research paper for Biology. Cries when Mitty runs away and looks for him with Derek. Biology Project topic: Typhoid. Partial Main Character.
- Derek: Mitty's best friend. Biology Project topic: Anthrax Helps Olivia search for Mitty after he runs away. Partial Main Character.
- Mr. Lynch: Mitty's Biology teacher. His class is the only reason why Mitty tries at school, but that is to stay with Olivia. Surprised that Mitty ACTUALLY worked on something. Teaches at St. Raphael's (Private) High School.
- Mr. and Mrs. Blake: Mitty's parents. Very wealthy, live in New York, and they have a weekend home in Connecticut. Extremely worried after reading Mitty's suicide note, more after he runs away. Would you recommend this story to some one else why or why not? Yes because it has lots of details. The attention brought to the settings are just astounding. It describes smallpox in such a away to make it seem horrid. The individual details in this story are simply enchanting. It also includes many cliff hangers, it forces you to keep on reading if you want to know more, which it causes us all to. Side Note Even though Mitty was willing to commit suicide for a good cause, it is not a wise decision. If you believe for your life to not be worth it, such as Mitty did when he had Smallpox, please contact an adult near you and/or call: 1-(800)-SUICIDE. They'll ensure you that you are very worth it, as you are.
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