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Decisive Events of WWII

Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Island-Hopping

Matthew Lummel

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Decisive Events of WWII

Key Moments in World War II Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor When? Dec. 7, 1941
Where? Hawaii 1. What was the major event that pulled the U.S. into WWII?

2. How did "Lend-Lease" contribute to this event? The Bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan! We sold supplies to China... Japan got jealous and wanted to sneak attack the US... The U.S. is caught by surprise when Japan Attacks. The view from a submarine's periscope The destruction is tremendous The day before the attack, the U.S. was in PEACE TALKS with Japan...

Japan Suffered only 65 deaths and the loss of 29 planes in the attack... The U.S. suffers 2400 casualties, 1200 wounded, 4 sunken battleships, and has its naval strength in the Pacific crippled. But it's actually far worse... But the main accomplishment of the Japanese attack is that it ends U.S. isolationism.... Support for the war swells, and the VERY NEXT DAY, the U.S. declares war on Japan, and enters WWII But it's actually far worse... The U.S. realizes that just attacking Japan is too dangerous The U.S. uses a tactic called ISLAND-HOPPING, to slowly make its way to Japan... D-Day June 6, 1944 The Allies invade Nazi-Occupied France The Allies are losing.
So, they stage the largest military invasion in world history. 175,000 Troops land on the beaches on the first day. Troops are brought in by boat As they approach, battleships and planes give them covering fire. The gate drops and the soldiers storm the beach, right into the face of machine gun fire and German defenses. Tens of thousands of troops land every hour. And thousands die. The Allies set up a fake army base, to fool the Germans ? ? ? ? Really, they're attacking over here! 1.3 Million troops land in the first few weeks The Invasion is a SUCCESS! The Allies begin the liberation of France and start pushing the Nazis back to Germany Iwo Jima Feb-March 1945 On a small island in the Pacific Ocean The Japanese soldiers dug tunnels all around the island Bunkers were hidden all over the island The U.S. takes the island, and is now near enough to strike at Japan on its own turf. Americans are inspired by the hard-fought victory The U.S. uses flamethrowers to clear out Japanese bunkers and eventually destroy all Japanese forces on the island. Japanese forces fight to the death Their culture glorifies the Samurai warrior code of Bushido. Surrender is dishonorable.
Death will come before dishonor. Of the 18,591 Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima 18,375 are killed The fighting is difficult because And eventually we win. NEXT: But, it's still not over... It took more than a week for Japanese forces to go from Japan to Hawaii.... This is the path of the Japanese Fleet Some people believe that FDR knew that the Japanese attack was coming and didn't do anything because he thought that the attack would cause American's to finally support the war The Atomic Bomb and the Death of Adolf Hitler In tomorrow's class... The goal was to overwhelm the German defenses with manpower. Eventually, they'd have to reload...
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