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Theia Fine Jewelry

No description

Sakshi Malhotra

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Theia Fine Jewelry

The Start
Started in November 2013, Theia ( greek godddess that gives light to gold and silver), was launched as a jewelry brand to Caratsonline which had been dealing in loose diamonds, gemstones & pearls since november 2012.
The Concept/Idea
At Theia the idea of jewelry was something that is a color riot, set with various gemstones, handcrafted to perfection by artisans using 925 silver as the base metal. experimenting with various Genres in silver such as vermeil ( 2.5 micron gold over silver ), 1micron gold over silver, rose gold finish over silver.
where all pieces emulate gold jewelry to the nearest sans the cost.
The Pre Launch STP (segment-target-position)
Research was done over the trends and acceptance of silver jewelry
in international market, and was concluded that silver will be the new gold.
To avail the First mover advantage & garner larger audience the selection of designs & goods was not very experimental.
various techniques used in Gold jewelry were implemented on silver.
Simple european/indian/fusion style jewelry which is everyday wear and yet trendy.

The Basic Idea was to test the response of the goods in immediate retail marketing using mediums such as exhibitions, trade shows etc.

Post that to build a working network that would Wholesale & Retail the products.
Caratsonline Run brand Theia is managed & run by Sakshi Malhotra.
A management Graduate turned Gemmologist from delhi
Jewelry has been a passion passed on by my mother who had an eye for fine contemporary jewelry.
My idea of jewelry is not something to be put away in lockers or to be bought on occasions only.
jewelry glorifies the aura of a woman and is a direct symbol of her choices preferences and style.
simple & clean designs with not much play that stand out when worn.

Our Products
We are looking for Tie ups/collaborations with stores/brands abroad.
we are open for both wholesale and retail.

For more details kindly email
Theia Fine Jewelry
925 Silver fine jewelry
The upscale urban who have a knack for fine jewelry but donot want to shell out the money for it.
Differentiated and niche marketing models were made depending upon the various collections and the pricing of the products.
The main criterion were
Product attributes
(925 stamped, vermeil, at par with international trends)
Product Effects
(emulates gold jewelry to the nearest)
(it looks like gold but doesnt cost like gold!)
Easy Buy
(products can be bought for any occasion/gifting)
Relation to other products
( its not cheap metal jewelry)

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