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Aztec Farming and Food production

No description

Eryka Bruder

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Aztec Farming and Food production

The Aztecs used many tools to help them farm the land for food. One of the tools they used most often were wooden digging sticks.
Aztec Farming and Food production
Chinampas are large rectangles of land that the Aztecs used to help vegetation production.
Chinampas helped to plant corn, trees, cacti, and other plants.

Causeways were between the chinampas for people in canoes to get to their farmland. Causeways were basically little canals.

Water animals such as fish and also waterfowl would swim in these causeways.
The Farmers
The Aztec farmers worked hard to provide their population with food to eat. The farmers could be called laborers and specialists.
The God
Huitzilopochtli was the god of sun. He was also the god of war. But Aztecs worshiped him because their food needs sun to grow.
Who: The Aztecs
What: Farming and food production
Where: Around the Valley of Mexico
When: Since the first Aztec person
Why: To feed their big population of other Aztecs
How: They used several methods and Chinampas to increase their production to feed their population
mADE OF . . .
They are made of layers of mud and other plants at the bottom of the lake.
The Causeways
The laborers would work as farm hands or slaves.
Fun Fact
Aztecs used human manure for fertilizer.
What foods they traded
The Aztecs weren't able to grow all the food they needed. They could not produce tropical fruits such as avocados, papayas, and cacao, so they traded with other remote parts of the empire in order to get these foods for everyone in their city.
By: Eryka and Kendra
Here is a video about Aztec causeways and chinampas . . .
Main Land Farming and Gardens
The Aztecs would also farm and have gardens on the main land. In these crops, they grew Maize, beans, squash, tomatoes and chilies.
The End
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