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STEM Science

No description

Jessica Godin

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of STEM Science

WOW Lab Science Shop
STEM 2012
June 28 Jessica Godin- BSc. Molecular Biology, M.A. Education, WOW Lab Project Manager
Shannon Palus- BSc. Physics, WOW Lab researcher
Tanya Tolokh- BSc. Neuroscience, WOW Lab researcher
Sophie Charbonneau- B.A. Translation, WOW Lab researcher Introductions & welcome WOW Lab Gala One day workshop for science educators
August 21, 2012 at McGill University
Registration on the website
Door prizes and free kits WOWLab- http://www.mcgill.ca/wowlab/ The WOW Lab, a novel initiative in elementary and high school level science education, was launched at McGill on Monday, September 17, 2007 through a grant given by the Imperial Oil Foundation. The WOWLab is currently being run by Principal Investigator Anila Asghar.

We aim to develop three-dimensional science and math teaching technologies to enable schoolteachers to teach science with the highest levels of student excitement, amazement and amusement, resulting in higher motivation, interest and increased learning.

As our five-year mandate comes to an end, we are at the finals stages of providing Canadian elementary and high school teachers with detailed "blueprints" of how to create novel activities to optimally engage students in science and math classes. Today's Activities Nuclear Mousetraps Rainbow in a Bottle Light Bending Jell-o www.mcgill.ca/wowlab
jessica.godin2@mail.mcgill.ca The Workshop Today you have the opportunity to freely explore some of our Science activities.
ENJOY! Styrofoam Plate Speaker Polymer Balls Cauldron Bubbles In this activity, students will create their own bouncy balls. Two types of balls will be created, one using latex and the other using cornstarch, borax and white glue. In both of these methods, a polymer (a chain of repeated units) is created and molded into a ball shape. Although both balls look similar, they have different physical properties, which students will observe while testing which type of ball bounces better. Tree of Life
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