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Core Competencies - Ikea

No description

Serge Semenets

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Core Competencies - Ikea

Low Cost Business Model IKEA EXPERIENCE Michael Flynn IKEA's
Core Competencies David Perrella
Serge Semenets
Vince Formusa
Mike Flynn 1. Pick up pencil & map 2. Navigate threw designer rooms IKEA EXPERIENCE IKEA EXPERIENCE 3. Feeling Hungry? 4. Locate box then grab a snack & coffee IKEA EXPERIENCE Serge Semenets Serge Semenets Serge Semenets Serge Semenets Outline David Perrella ........... IKEA Company Overview Serge Semenets .......... IKEA Shopping Experience Vincent Formusa ....... Product Quality Mike Flynn ................ Product Quality The importance of keeping it "Simple"
Focus is on high-quality products
Appelas to large demographic
Uppleva Brand IKEA has a low cost business model
Offers quality furniture and accessories at 25-50 % below its competitors
Put together yourself products
Flat Packaging process Thank-you!! Low Cost Business model Vince Formusa IKEA Ad Ingvar Kamprad, born in 1926, founded Ikea at age 17
Initially sold a variety of goods
i.e. wallets, watches, jewlery
In 1947, Kamprad introduced furniture into product line
In 1951, all other product lines discontinued to focus on furniture
Affordable and varied home furnishings
“World’s largest retailer of home furnishings” IKEA Company Overview David Perrella
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