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on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Networks

Networks by Leah and Phil
Disadvantages of a network system..
a network manager will need to be employed- this can be rather expensive.
breakdown problems-if the network breaks down users will not have access to the important information held.
security problems- a virus could get on to the system and cause problems or hackers may gain access to the data on the network
what is a network?
a network is a series of computers linked together

You can have two types of networks...
Wide area network(WAN)
Local area network(LAN)
what is a network?
Different type of networks.
Advantages and disadvantages of a network systems
By Leah and Phil
you can share hardware-you can just have one printer and one scanner, as any other computers connected to the network can use them.
software can be stored in one place- you do not need to install software on each computer. this makes it faster to install and easier to maintain.
Access to a central stall of data-users will have access to centrally store data.
Advantages of a network system..
POS systems(point of sale)
point of sale terminals are where you pay for your items in a store, they are networked together. these work by when the item is scanned, the system looks up the price and description of the product. EXAMPLES:........
swipe card readers- these are used to swipe the magnetic strips on loyalty cards
keyboard- the keyboard is used to enter codes on items that do not have bar-codes
touch screens- they are often used in restaurants when here are no goods to scan.
bar-code reader/laser scanner- this is used to input a number that is coded in the bar, code as a series of lights and dark lines.
Types of networks
peer-to-peer and client-server networks: large organizations would use a client-server because it is more powerful. whilst peer-to-peer would be used for home networks or small businesses.
each computer on the network has equal status.
as more people use the network, it slows down.
one more powerful computer(server) is used to store data and the programs needed
the network is completely dependent on the server therfore if the server breaks the whole network cant be used

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